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  Learn To Read With Phonics For 1st & 2nd Grade
Children ages 5 to 8 join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on an amazing adventure in search of the Land Where the Lions Roam Free. Along the way, they will meet many kinds of lions dandelions, a sea lion, and even a lionfish. Children will be also exposed to such authentic texts as newspaper articles and journal entries, each of which will reveal another part of the story.

This sequel to Learn to Read with Phonics for Preschool & Kindergarten systematically combines explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness, skill-building activities, and interactive storybooks within a delightful story setting to help children develop and practice essential reading and comprehension skills.

Skills Learned:
- Letter Names & Sounds
- Vocabulary
- Phonics and Decoding
- Spelling
- Phonemic Awareness
- Comprehension
- Sentences
- Creative Writing

Two ways to play: Children may practice specific skills or learn while following the story

•Programs adjust to keep pace with child 's abilities
•Record and playback feature enables practice reading aloud
•Progress reports track a child 's success
•Program help available whenever children need it
•New 2 nd CD features 100+ themed printable activities and much more

This is absolutely one of the best educational software I have seen! When doing educational software reviews we have to put ourselves in the mindset of the age group targeted, and having done that, this game is very simple for any first or second grader to follow along with very minimal help from an adult.

All buttons and clickable areas are clearly marked. Audio instructions that the characters give the child are slow enough that the child has a chance to grasp what they are suppose to do, yet short enough not to lose the child. Simply clicking on a character will replay those instructions or give further instruction.

All clickable areas are nice and big, combined with a good sized cursor makes mouse control simple for the newest child computer user.

Having two boys in the targeted age group myself, I feel that the main features for an educational tool for kids is that it be easy for them to understand the instructions and goals, A simple point and click user interface, rewards for accomplishment and hours of entertainment so they don't even realize they are learning. This package easily passes all of that criteria with flying colors. As I mentioned, this is the best educational software I have reviewed to date.

Review ID Number: 269
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The Learning Company
Review Date: 2002-11-20
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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