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  Curious George: Reading and Phonics
Join your beloved friend, Curious George, on a reading adventure through his storybook town. Easy to Use on-screen flashcard system makes learning to read fun and easy!

Features On-Screen flashcards so kids can point and click their way to reading success!
Large mouse icons and clickable areas make this learning adventure enjoyable for even the youngest computer user. There are 3 levels of increasingly difficult learning levels that will provide and challenging curriclum. The levels span over 65 different activities in all.

Progress Reports to encourage your child's success.
When a child starts a game they are asked to type in there own name or to select there name if they have previously played. The learning adventure automaticcally remembers players and maintains a progress report card for each individual child. The report card is done graphically so that even the young child cansee at a glance at how he or she is doing and what they have achieed to date as well as where they still havn't ventured.

Fun "Arcade-style" travel games reward kids for learning.
In true Curious George fashion, students are rewarded with bananas at each check point. The child learns by going through the levels in an arcade-style enviroment in which your child will help Curious George find peices of a note that contain instructions on where there is a special prize waiting for him. At the beginning of the game this note is shredded accidently after 'the man with the yellow hat' has given it to george and it accidently gets destroyed with a fan and flutters out the window. You child's task is to help george find the pieces by using phonics and rading skills to advance to each level and ultimatley get the prize at the end.

Automatic help when your child needs it.
With the large clickable areas and very good clear sound, your child is helped along if they do make a mistake. There is no need for the busy parent to stand gaurd and help the child as he explores this learning world. The automatic help seems to adjust itself to your childs level.

Although designed for age group 3-6, I feel this may be a bit simple for the average 6 year old child, but certainly easy enough for the 3 year old and on up into the Kindergarten level. Most childern in Grade 1 will pretty much know this stuff by then. Regardless, even for the primary level student, this program can also serves a great fun tool for a new computer user to get a better handle on 'mouse control'.

For your child, Curious George: Reading and Phonics will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Review ID Number: 271
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Knowledge Adventure
Review Date: 2002-10-22
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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