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  Jump Start Advanced Preschool
“Some kids respond best to pictures, some learn through song, and others prefer hands-on examples. Experts have identified seven styles of learning, and each All-Star character will encourage your child to explore a different way of understanding concepts. Once your little one plays fun learning games, then it’s time to adopt adorable pets, and give them toys and treats”

Okay, so I’m not in preschool, but this is a great game for those who are. Simple and sweet, when you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than having fun while you learn.

To start the game all you need to do is choose from one of the seven learning styles, which include The Reader, The Athlete, The Musician, The Team Leader, The Artist, The Scientist, and The Math Whiz. Then you get to choose a homeless pet you want to help, like perhaps a little puppy or a turtle, and play fun learning games with Frankie, Casey, Kisha, Pierre, and Eleanor to earn pet rewards for your pet, which can include food, brushes, toys and songs.

There will be a tool bar present at the bottom of the screen throughout the game that is large and easy to understand that shows you how many questions per round are needed to earn a pet reward and allows you to keep track of which pet rewards you’ve already earned.
There are a variety of amusing and educational games to choose from. Shape Tag involves clicking on the appropriate shape; Rhyme Time is a fun little game where Eleanor the Elephant will read a word aloud and then you need to help her find the word that rhymes with it; Picture Perfect you need to help Frankie put his pets in order so he can take a picture; Animal Mask, which I think is the most fun of the lot, allows you to create your very own animal face by clicking on various stickers to pop the chosen facial feature onto the notepad, and it allows you to color your picture as well; Bubble Pop is basically matching the letter Eleanor calls out to the floating bubble letters; Music maker, which I think is the other fun game in here, allows you to chose your favourite band and then create your own song for them to play using sounds from a variety of instruments; Magic Chalk is where you match beginning sounds with the pictures and letters Kisha draws on the chalkboard; and finally, Balloon Animals asks you to match the balloon groups with the ones show on the flags so that Casey can make you a balloon animal.

After completing each task/game you get your pet reward and can go to the Playroom, where you get to pamper your pet with its new toy or treat it to a treat. After you’ve earned and used all four pet rewards just click on the hot air balloon and you and Frankie will soar above the clouds in a hot air balloon to look for the right home for your chosen pet.

This game is great for preschoolers, as it is suggested, and although it doesn’t exactly fulfill the educational needs of an adult, it would be fun to sit down with your children and see what this program has in store. The graphics are colourful and bright enough to snag a youngun’s attentions and kids can have fun with patterns, shapes, numbers, letters and colors and still have time to sing along and play a little music. It’s great fun while learning.

Review ID Number: 273
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Knowledge Adventure
Review Date: 2002-06-26
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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