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  Curious George: Downtown Adventure
“Who’s been causing all the commotion in town? It’s George, of course! He’s just so curious he can’t help getting into mischief. Unlock your own curiosity to create bouncing, bursting, flying, falling and floating contraptions that will help solve all of George’s problems. Spend the day on the town as you travel with Curious George to the circus, the park and even the candy factory to help him resolve one hilarious mix-up after another!”
Throughout the years kids have loved the crazy adventures of everyone’s favourite inquisitive monkey, Curious George. Now you can take George home with you with this new delightful little big city puzzle game. With over 60 different puzzles to solve and multiple levels of game play, you’ll never grow bored of George’s knack for making mischief.
Installation is quick and simple and the main menu is big scale and easy to understand for the kids. From the Town Map you can choose where George goes, whether it be helping George start the show at the Circus, making candy in the Candy Factory, flying kites in the Park, or restoring order to Downtown. You can get anywhere from the Town Map with a simple click of the mouse and can use the Map button on each screen to return to the main map at any time.
When in play mode, in each of the four locations, there are 15 puzzles involving something George needs to accomplish in order to continue. Whether a person needs help or a problem needs to be solved, you can play along with George on his adventures, using the Curiosity Tools found in George’s Toolbar along the bottom of the screen. The game always allows you a set of tools that need to be put in the appropriate place to solve the puzzle. These tools can be anything from trampolines, ladders and ramps, to bowling balls, balloons or kites.
The puzzles start out easy, then become more challenging and as you solve puzzles you collect new curiosity tools, twenty one in all. Solving the puzzles can become quite difficult so it’s important to just stick too it and try as many different solutions as possible. Action is easily started and stopped with the press of a button.
After completing each puzzle, George is rewarded bananas as a prize. Once you have solved a puzzle you can always replay it if you wise to win more bananas and to do this simply go to the Town Map and then click on the Puzzle Chooser. The number of bananas you collect wins you certificates, which can then be printed out. Each will show your name and date it was awarded.
And, when you’ve completed all 4 puzzle locations you can return to the main menu and choose the Open Play option, where you get your pick from numerous Curiosity Tools that you can place where ever you wish on the screen and make your own little puzzle.
I have to admit, despite that the game was really meant for ages 3-6, its kinda fun if you enjoy a good puzzle. Like I said, the puzzles are actually quite easy to begin with, but as the levels increase, so does the difficulty. And to be truthful, there were a few that stumped me to begin with. It’s good clean fun, and the kids will enjoy the interaction and the little Curious George stories, and with the game comes two little story books, so maybe save those for bedtime. The graphics are simple, but not choppy or slow and it’s fun to watch George act out your solutions to the puzzles. So, make mischief, solve puzzles and help George in this charming and fun little Downtown Adventure game. It’s a great way to test you’re creativity.
“Countless solutions for endless fun”

Review ID Number: 275
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Knowledge Adventure
Review Date: 2002-06-20
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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