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Anyone in the graphics and Internet Design industry will recognize the name Lynda Weinman. Her name for me goes back actually quite a few years and I have actually reviewed a couple of her books in this magazine. Here is a short intro to Lynda

In 1995 Lynda Weinman had just discovered the World Wide Web. And she didn’t think much of it. “A friend of mine showed it to me on a black-and-white laptop. We looked at a weather map and a webcam showing a coffeepot in a dorm room in Oxford, England. I didn’t get it at all.”

She gets it now. Today Weinman is the bestselling author of 10 books on designing for the web, which she calls “the most revolutionary publishing medium that has ever existed.” Her speaking engagements are standing-room-only affairs. Afterwards she is mobbed by well wishers and faithful readers who tell her, “I got my job because of what I learned in your book.”


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Lynda Weinman
Review Date: 2002-02-15
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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