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  Encyclopedia Briticannica 2002
Encyclopedia Britannica has been around for decades and with the advent of technology, you no longer need to obtain space on your book shelves for the multitudes of books that made up the original encyclopedia. This version comes on 3 CD's and is suppose to contain all that can be found on the complete hard copy collection. I do not own a hard copy set so I cannot really confirm that everything is there word for word but Space wise, it is a definite possibility.
The hard copy of course cannot give you sounds and speeches like the CD version or even movies and animation of how some things work so the benefit is definitely there for this encyclopedia.
Installation of the software in full takes up over 1,286 Mb of space which is quite a bit but I guess these days of 30 to 40 gig hard drives, it is not so much. I am concerned about the amount of resources that this program uses however. As an example, I have my email running all the time so that is on and I have notepad up and running and then when I opened Britannica 2002 my resources dropped down to only 40%. I don't dare open MS Word or my system might lock up.
I feel that my system is fairly powerful and yet, this program drags it right down.
The bottom line is then: this is a great program for an information source (besides the internet) but it does not seem to handle the resources very well.

Review ID Number: 279
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Encyclopedia Britannica Inc
Review Date: 2001-08-17
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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