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  Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon and Rolling Thunder
Words from the company:
Burning Horizon, throws you in even more dramatic battles of WWII. Burning Horizon offers a huge 18-missions-campaign around General Rommel, giving you the opportunity to play famous battles like Ardennes, Tripolis, Tobruk, El Alamein, Sicily and, of course, Normandy. Furthermore, the add-on contains 8 single missions, with an entire new nation at war: Japan.

50 new units like Zero fighters and Blenheim bombers, the M5 Stuart and many specialized German tanks, US Marines and Afrika Korps units fill the strategy package.

Burning Horizon gives the parties a better AI: the enemy seeks weak spots in your lines, clears minefields, and handles his air force cleverly. The mission objectives offer a wide range, e.g. airborne assaults, evacuations, covert ops, defense maneuvers, counter attacks or assassinations.

The Review:
If you were into the whole Command and Conquer era, but are like me and didn't like to wait for the money to buy the units, this is the game you want. Very much like the first Blitzkrieg, except for one thing, it goes more in-depth into historical battles of the American, Russian, German and now the Japanese military. You get every type of unit you can think of including regular infantry, all types of tanks, artillery, anti-aircraft, support vehicles, and aircraft such as recon, bombers, and air-to-air combat planes.

I really did like this game for the historical timeline it follows, and also if you purchase the expansion (Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder) the famous campaign of General Patton. The strategic aspect of this game is one part that really makes this game what it is, the fact that you can use one type of unit to sneak and scout an area in-order to help another unit hit the target, an example of this would be using a sniper to crawl to an area and scout it, then launch an accurate artillery barrage. The cinematics are very well done on this game, and they also tied some pretty amazing music in with not only the videos but the game play as well. The music also changes to the different types of situations that you encounter throughout the game, whether it be re-supplying, while under attack, or even advancing.

There were no problems with installation. Really there were only a couple things I did not like about this game. First I did not like that there are so many different buttons to use and styles of combat to remember, some examples: there are 3 or 4 different styles of attacking, when moving ground troops there are many different formations and each is used best in different situations to give you points. Also there were too many cursor shapes to remember (a quick count in the manual - there are 33 different shapes). And second I did not like that they left the multiplayer for Burning Horizon and Rolling Thunder out, those of you that do like to play multiplayer will have to go back to the original Blitzkrieg.

Review ID Number: 28
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Review Date: 2004-12-11
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 9 out of 10
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