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  i-Speak Fonix 2.0
When I first heard of this ioSpeak program, I thought that it would embed itself into various programs such as word but I found that it only seems to do this with MS Outlook.
I am still waiting to hear back from the company about this and maybe they do have that feature in other versions of this program.
I used to have a program called Talking Sam wayyyyy back when on my old Commodore 64 machine and that was neat. It would read any text I had typed or ay text that I told it to read. With this program, I need to copy any text to the clip board before it would read it back to me and that extra step is a real nuisance.
In setting up the program, you do have a chance to choose a male or female voice and you do have controls over speed of talking, pitch and loudness. Unfortunately, it still seems to sound like a robot voice. Maybe I was expecting too much, I don't know.
Now don't get me wrong, this program can come in real handy for a number of people with vision problems or speech impaired people. Using it to teach English as a second language would not, in my opinion, be practical because some of the intonation of words come out wrong and therefore not as useful.
I had save the text of this review to this point as an MP3 and the file size was 344Kb. That part of the program I feel is great because to save directly as a compressed MP3 file, you can create emails that would play to the recipient. But it is still that computer voice. If you wish to hear it, click on the "screenshots 1" (on the left side of this screen)and if you have Real Player, it will play it back to you and you can hear it for yourself.
Well I will play some more with this program and I will talk to the company about others like it.

Review ID Number: 280
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Fonix Corporation
Review Date: 2001-08-10
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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