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  Language Learning (Spanish)
This was the second "Spanish" teaching program that I looked at. I was looking for a program that could help a beginner understand some of the language – hearing and possibly reading while traveling through areas of the U.S. where the language is used. This program was designed for "to teach you specific skills that enhance your mastery of Spanish". It was way over "my head" and I found it useless for my needs. Actually, after trying two of these language programs and attending a 10-week night school class, I gave up and bought a $6.95 dictionary, which converts English to Spanish and Spanish to English. It included a brief section on grammar and a section on useful phrases. I am not saying this program was no good but just that it is not designed for a person with no experience with the language.
Actually I thought the program was well set up. It came with a manual and an extensive workbook. You worked with videos from the CDs and with the workbook. There was a microphone included which you used so that the program could evaluate your pronunciation.

I would recommend this program to users that whish to "keep up" or expand their usage of the language but not to a beginner like myself.

Review ID Number: 282
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 6 out of 10
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