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  Mia 2
After the success of Mia 1: The Search for Grandma’s Remedy, Kutoka Interactive has now released the kid adventure game follow up, Mia 2: Romaine’s New Hat.
We first meet Mia complete with coveralls, pink hair bow, and her mother’s brand new hat. As Mia plays in the eaves trough, an unexpected downpour washes her down the drain pipe. Mia manages to avoid being washed into the sewer but unfortunately her mother’s hat quickly disappears into the gutters blackness. Unknown to Mia, the hat is found and cherished by the evil rat, Romaine and his despicable cousins. Here commences Mia’s grand adventure in which she must not only first find her way back home but also try to uncover what happened to her mother’s hat and or find a way to replace it.

In order to do this Mia must collect sparklies (the Mia Land currency) so she can either buy a new hat or, in this case, get the hat back from Romaine. Along the way, Mia meets some friends, including Freddy the frog and Scary the spider, that help her to collect sparklies by allowing her to play various educational games.

In order to guide Mia through this adventure the player uses the mouse and directs Mia about the screen or uses the keyboard arrow keys to guide Mia about on her skateboard. But, be careful, when on her skateboard Mia can zoom past something she needs to pick up, like sparklies.

To acquire items use the mouse and simply click on objects to pick them up or look at them. In order to get help and information just click on people to chat. If the player desires a hint or suggestion from Mia when they are stuck, they simply need only to place the cursor over Mia’s head and click. However, if there is no clue to be offered then perhaps there is nothing left for the Mia to gather or look at in that scene.

Before starting to play the game, players have the option of altering the level of difficulty of the activities to their learning abilities. While playing the game, pressing F1 will provide an inventory of everything that Mia has collected to that point as well a the number of sparklies she has accumulated. Pressing F2 brings up the options screen in which you can: alter sound volume, turn background music on or off, enter a screen to play activities only, load a game, save a game, start a new game, play the instructions movie and see the credits.

The game is jam packed full of interesting and informative information. While playing activities to achieve sparklies, kids will learn a variety of information about scientific concepts and terminology, thus improving the child’s knowledge or providing them with some unknown facts. Not only is the game educational, but it is also full of humor, entertainment, surprise and lots of funny little characters that even pre-schoolers can relate to. Not to mention that it also allows the children to become a part of the story while still incorporating the use of their memory and observation skills. Being a teenager I did find the activities fairly easy, but the age limit is 5-11 so that might explain it. However, having said that, I believe that this particular game is an excellent guide to aid children in learning about the world around them and maybe even help in some of their schooling.

I really do recommend trying this game out. It’s a fun game that even I found a little cute and silly and kids will really enjoy playing it. The only thing that I would have to say about this game that at times the different scenes took a little while to load. Other than that, go out and get this game for the kids. It’s loads of fun.

Review ID Number: 284
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Kristin Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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