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  MX Looper Dreamweaver Extension V2.8.4
For Dreamweaver MX programmers who create dynamic websites, MX Looper Suite is a collection of Commands and Server Behaviors for the PHP, ASP and ColdFusion server models that create complex repeated regions. Unlike the Macromedia default repeat region that allows you to create only simple loops, our product helps you easily create dynamic generated webpages including nested repeat regions and horizontal loopers.

Supported server technologies: ColdFusion, ASP VBScript, ASP JScript, PHP_MySQL and PHP_ADODB

Once again, I will bring you my thoughts on a product that I have personally purchased that I feel would be an injustice not to tell our readers about. With websites driven by databases becoming the standard these days, web developers are always seeking new and innovative ways to present that data on the website. While displaying a single record has never been a problem with Dreamweaver; displaying a set or records in a practical and appealing way has. InterAKT has once again come to the rescue with this set of tools including a horizontal looper and the even more impressive tool for sophisticated nested repeat regions. But thats not all - the extension also comes with a very quick and handy page navigation set up for setting up your navigation through many pages of records.

I am not sure how much justice I can give to explain just how easy the Horizontal Looper behavior is? I mean really, all you gotta do is select a region on your page andthrough the simple interface just input how many rows and columns your want displyed at once and apply. I have tried other horizontal looper extensions that are out there but none come close to the ease of use and reliable output that MX Looper has provided.

On many occasions web developers will be required to group records and display them accordingly. One example of this may be for a business to list all employees by department. Doing this with the Neste Repeat Region Behavior is very simple. The user interface walks you through it nicely and in a few minutes you have a fully generated grouped list in either seperated rows or a comma delimited list. The choice is yours.

All you need to do is set the values in the user interface for your Master and Detail records. Your master record settings are:

- The table in which the information your grouping is to be done by. In my example this would be your company departments table for instance.
- Next you will set which field in your table is the primary key
- Then you set the field that has the value you want to be displayed

The detail record settings are very similiar:

- The table in which you want records listed. In this case that would be a table with all of the employees.
- The next setting is the Foriegn key or the field that will be matching up with the Primary key from the Master table.
- Lastly you will set which field in that table has the information you want displayed in that group.

Once this bit of information is entered using the drop down menus in the interface; your table or comma delimited list will be generated for you in your Dreamweaver Document.

Now once you have your page displaying the records they way you want it, you may be interested in displaying the records over a number of pages. This is where the page navigation and page navigation status behaviors come in. These are both very quick and simple to apply. The Page Navigation Status simply inserts the code to show the viewer what page he is on. For example 'Page 5 of 10' letting the user know that they are on page 5 of the 10 pages available. The page navigation itself is quite nice as it enables the user to move forward or back in the pages by as many pages as they want. This simply shows the current page number in bold flanked by lower page numbers to the left and higher page numbers to the right. In the Inteface for this you can set how many pages before and after the current page you would like to link to. The one thing missing there is that you cannot choose to display links to 'all' of the pages. This can be worked around by choosing a high number for the page links anyways.


Once again this very simple product from IntarAKT can save even the newest Dreamweaver a lot of time doing a very complex task. MX Looper, while available as a seperate extension, is also bundled in with the MX Kollection Set of extensions which I will get into in a future review.

If you could put saving time and money into a repeat region - MX Looper is the one that will do it for you.

Review ID Number: 295
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Review Date: 2005-02-08
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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