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  Merak Mail Server
Words from the company:
Merak Mail Server is a comprehensive email solution for office LAN or high-speed Internet communications. It is extremely easy to install and maintain and its powerful set of features will meet any customers needs.

Merak Mail Server runs on Windows 2003/2000/NT/9x and supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 & HTTP Internet protocols. It includes all of the features required by even the most sophisticated customers and users such as full multi-domain support, top security features and much more.

Security and Spam/virus protection being the most important issues for users today, Merak offers complete TLS/SSL protection, powerful antivirus support, anti-spam options and content filtering.

The Merak Professional Power Pack version (see below) will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding enterprise-level and ISP customers.

•Fastest, most secure, stable, fully featured mail server on the market.
•Ease of use and setup.
•Full multi-domain support.
•Security, anti spam and anti-relay, antivirus options.
•Mailbox options.
•Proxy Server.
•TLS/SSL - Secured SMTP and POP3 transfers.
•Mailing lists, list servers, executables, routes.
•Multiple CPU Support.
•ODBC and High-Speed Mode Support (All Professional versions).
•Server, user, domain statistics.
•Revolutional Content Filters.
•Web, command line and GUI remote administration.
•Web mail and WAP mail support (all Power Pack versions).

The Review:
We had quite a long time to study and use this mail server program and here are our results and personal opinions.

Besides publishing reviews of software and hardware we are also an internet service provider and as such have needs as an ISP for programs such as mail servers so we did put this one through the rigorous testing as we used the program for our own clients for approximately 6 months. The set up initially was quick and exciting as we were switching over from an archaic and limited system so we were looking forward to bigger and better thing in this program.

The first thing we noticed was the lower cost compared to other mail server programs and this one was the least expensive of all of them that we could find. That is a big bonus for most companies requiring a mail server program. Next, the program we found offered antivirus capabilities as well as anti spam capabilities. The antivirus worked perfectly but the antispam was another matter. We know it is very difficult to regulate spam and if you knew the email addresses of the spammer then that would stop them from coming but as you know spammers do not work that way and so we had considerable problems regulating the spam or rather the antispam part of the program.

The next big issue we found with the program was somehow we were getting emails with no sender and no subject; a non entity email. To this day we do not know if the program created this anomaly or it came from outside. The problem was when one of these appeared in someones mail box, their outlook express would hang and time out and stop retrieving the mail. The client then had to get into the web base part of the program, delete this non mail and then could, from the beginning and download all the mail again. This became a very frustrating thing for our clients and the fixes that the company suggested did not work.

We did have quite a number of different domains that we provided emails on and that might have been the cause of some of the problems we had but for us in the end this program did not work out at all. Having said that, I believe that this mail server program is an excellent one for medium to large companies that want to look after and maintain their own mail server. This program will do everything in a simple way from set up to maintenance and to full operation as a solid mail server. As an ISP with multiple domains and needs, this program does not rate as well.

In conclusion, Merak mail is well worth the price for a mail server for a small to medium to large corporation. It installs easily and can be set up in a couple of hours. The price certainly cannot be complained about as with other mail server programs. The support is fair to medium from the company. (In fairness, when we got the program, the company was in the middle of a physical move and so it took a bit longer to get help, understandably).Finally, the program has to run under Windows and of late that part is the most troubling of all as Windows lately has been nothing but a pain in the A… Not Merak’s fault, Microsoft – shape up or get out.

Review ID Number: 297
  Product Details
Merak Mail Server Inc
Review Date: 2004-07-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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