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  Word Annoyances
Words from the company:
When most people think of word processing, they think of Microsoft Word. After all, it has been around for more than 20 years-practically an eternity in computer time. But Word has also provided its users-nearly everyone on the face of the planet-with an endless supply of annoyances. That is, until now. Word Annoyances offers to the point (and often opinionated) solutions to your most vexing editing, formatting, printing, faxing, and scanning problems. It covers everything from installation and templates to tables, columns, and graphics. For example, learn how to stop Word from searching the Web for help, and how to enter the same text easily in multiple parts of a document-and keep it updated automatically. It also provides a gentle introduction to the power of macros so you can slay your annoyances by the truckload. The fixes will work with most versions of Word, including Word 2000, Word 2002 (also known as Word XP), and Word 2003.

The review:
This 1092 page soft cover book covers some very interesting topics, which normally are not covered in any reference books. I have been using MS Word and MS Office from day one and have come across the various glitches and problems that these programs cause and most of the time I have been able to figure things out. The figuring sometimes took days but eventually I solved the puzzles. This reference book will help eliminate those long research times to simple look-ups in this book.

The book is well written and documented and is very easy to follow. The table of contents will certainly guide you to the proper location that covers your specific problem or you could use the index at the back of the book.

All in all for the novice MS Word or MS Office user, this book would make a great addition to help you solve Microsoft’s mistakes. I would certainly recommend Word Annoyances from O’Reilly.

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Review Date: 2005-08-05
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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