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  DJ Mixstation
The ultimate DJ and mixing software! DJ MixStation is a unique piece of software designed to make mixing music accessible to anyone who owns a PC or laptop!

What exactly is DJ MixStation? Well, in a nutshell its basically a dual MP3/Wav player on steroids. It doesn't take up a lot of room, but it sure does have some powerful features! I am also a former nightclub and mobile DJ and I even still play around on occasion at a local nightclub here and I have to admit that this program interested me from the minute we recieved it.

The twin MP3 players feature individual pitch controls, individual EQ and a crossfader for perfect beatmatching. You can also let the program automatically beatmix for you. The crossfading can be done both automatically and manually. There is a Dynamic beat visualizer that streams across the top of the display area for easy manual beat matching.

One of the great features I havn't seen even on some of the more expensive applications id the Live Effects feature! The program comes with three stock effects to customize your sounds and mixes including flanger, cut and stereo pan. There are plenty of downloadable effects on the website as well.

There is also three skins shipped with the program and again there are plenty of downloadable skins to customize your mixing enviroment or you may even build your own skin if you choose. I did download several skins from the website and had difficulty applying the downloaded skins to the interface. I will have to contact the company about that.

When I first got my start in mixing about 11 years ago, the idea of sampling was just in its infancy. DJ MixStation comes with a very easy to use and customizable Sampler. Wow, I wish it would have been that easy back in my day! The program is shipped with hundreds of different samples or once again you may create your own.

Many of us have certain mixes that we use or try to use over and over. This creates a problem in trying to duplicate it each night, but DJ MixStation has the capability to allow the mixer to record and export his favorite mixes for future use. This allows for perfect consistancy in your regular mixes. And a lot less work doing it too!

DJ MixStation also supports Play Lists. The play lists are completely customizable and can be saved for future use. If the mixer is set to auto, the songs from the list will mix perfectly with no dead air in between. The play list also supports a shuffle mode for random song selection. Auto Gain is also supported so there is no worries about blasting the ears of your listeners and partiers.

DJ MixStation from eJay lets you mix tracks like a true professional DJ - without the months of practice. No more expensive external hardware such as mixers, samplers or turntables - finally your PC or laptop is all you need! Your parties and live sets will very soon be legendary!

Once again being a former DJ, I was a little skeptical on how good could an application be that is so affordable? I am thinking, come on here, for under $30 how can this be any good? It didn't take long and this application had me thinking to a different beat. This program is awesome! Full marks to eJay for reminding us that great products don't have to cost a lot of money.

Oh! The manual (yes, it actually has one) is great too!

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Review Date: 2003-07-08
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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