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  DVD Movie Factory 2
Movie Factory 2 is a program to create your own DVD’s or VCD’s of video or pictures in slide show format that will play back on your computer or a stand alone DVD player supporting VCD.

I tested the VCD format, as I do not have a DVD burner. I am running this program on a Pent 3 / 800mhz computer.

My first project was to capture video from a JVC digital camcorder using firewire, produce a VCD combining both video and slideshows of stills and playback on a Toshiba SD-1800 DVD player.

Upon opening the program you have a choice of DVD VCD or SVCD as an out put format. Next you add a video, capture video or slideshow of pictures.
You continue doing this until you have completed your project. Each slideshow or video will be a chapter on your completed project. There are many backgrounds and themes which you can use to build your menus and chapters. Chapters can be edited with music and replaced audio if you wish.
There are many features that come with this software, like choosing your own thumbnails for movies or slideshows, professional looking menus, cut trim and edit, and project previews.

The next step is in burning the cd.

I was able to successfully create and play the cd in my Toshiba player, but the quality of the captured video was fair at best. I would not take away from the software as this video may be much better if I were actually burning a DVD instead of a lower quality VCD.

Minimum system requirements are:
Windows 98se, ME, 2000, XP
Pent III 450 mhz (700mhz or higher recommended)
64 Mb Ram
4 GB Hard drive space
600 x 800 display

Review ID Number: 311
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Review Date: 2003-02-10
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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