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  Adobe Premiere 6.5
Adobe Premiere 6.5 delivers professional digital video editing tools so you can bring your stories to life. Offering unmatched hardware support and real-time feedback, Adobe Premiere can handle your most demanding projects today while ensuring room to grow for tomorrow. From built-in DV support and tight integration with other Adobe tools to the ability to export video to DVD and other leading formats, Adobe Premiere 6.5 is the hands-down choice for digital video editing.

Very typical Adobe installation in which we have grown accustomed to. Very smooth and effortless, not to mention trouble-free. The one thing that I have to note though is that I reccommend that you install the Quicktime application with it at the same time. Otherwise you will not have access to the quicktime features in the program. I wasn't able to find a note on that in the documentation. This review was done based on an XP Pro installation.

We havn't had the opportunity to look at this product for the last couple versions, so I am treating this as a new experience rather than the usual what's New style of reviews in which we have previously done for products we have tested in the past. We have had a chance over the last few years to review a few video editing applications. Some of them were very good. But the winner is Premiere. It's simply the best professional video editing software that we are aware of. Of course it does have a price tag to match, but is worth every bit for the professional.

Real time previewing enables the user to view changes to any project without waiting for rendering and includes such features as real-time titles, transitions and effects. Developing sophisticated title sequences is remarkably easy with the new Real-Time Tile Designer and even comes with approx 300 built in effects and layouts. You now have the ability in Premiere to import text for your title screens. Title screens may now also include gradient coloring, text transparency, beveled text and shadows for ultra cool text effects. Your title design options are expanded with over 90 new fonts that are included with Premiere 6.5. Each of these fonts were hand picked because they work well specifically in video applications.

This version seems to really have taken on more emphisis on audio and streaming effects than any previous version I have seen as well. One button publishing for Real Media and Windows Media files makes converting your didgital videos to streaming media for the web a snap.Not only can movies be exported or published as streaming, but premiere now also supports DVD publishing.

Tight integration with other Adobe products is very well done as well. Add special effects to your video productions with five new Adobe After Effects plug-ins included in Adobe Premiere 6.5; altogether, more than 30 Adobe After Effects plug-ins are included. New effects include Blend, Channel Blur, Directional Blur, Ramp, and Lightning. If you also own Adobe After Effects, additional plug-ins have been certified as compatible with Premiere. If you use the After Effects Standard version you can use the Color Balance, Compound Blur, Gamma/Pedestal Gain, and Beam plug-ins in Premiere; if you use the Production Bundle, you can also use the Offset, Corner Pin, Displacement Map, Glow, and Scatter plug-ins.

it's no secret that Adobe sets the bar for many graphic, layout and video applications, but the question is how high can the bar go?

For detailed information about new features in Adobe Premiere 6.5, visit

Review ID Number: 315
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Review Date: 2002-10-25
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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