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  Law & Order: Justice Is Served
Game, Set, Murder ...... In today's world of professional tennis, the compitition is cut-throat. Now it seems the elimination of opponents takes place both on the courts and off the courts. Elana Kusarova was a tennis up-and-coming 'It Girl' - it is, until she was mysteriously found dead on the locker room floor just before the start of the U.S. Open.

Step into the world of the hit TV series, follow the clues, find the killer and bring the perp to justice. Team up with detectives Lennie briscoe and Ed Green to hunt down the murderer and then join Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn to lock down a guilty verdict.

The very low system requirements required to play the game make this a game that everyone with a modern day computer can play. You won't need the latest and greatest computer to enjoy this game. Graphically the game is done very well with real nice detail. Scrolling as well as the video cut scenes are nice and sharp. The audio uses authentic voices and sounds from the TV show. I am not sure if it was because of the faster computer I was using but the voices would quite often start to 'stutter' as if trying to catch up to the game play. It was quite comical at first, but after a few hours was a bit of an annoyance. Again, this may be partly due to the computer I played on - not the game itself.

The game starts out with the discovery of a beautiful young tennis star laying dead on the locker room floor. In your quest to find the truth as to what happened you will encounter many interesting characters such as the controlling mother, the slimy agent, jealous opponents and team mates, ex boyfriends and even government officials - each with motive and opportunity. Ah, but could it have been a suicide or accidental death? It will be up to you to dig down into the clever placed and laid out clues to reach the bottom of the truth.

For each clue that you discover more characters and locations within the game are exposed. You navigate through the game using a map with locations pinned to it making getting from one place to the next very easy. At times during the game you will find many new characters and locations open up all at once which may be a bit overwhelming but take your time and visit each location and character. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and search absolutely everywhere! If you do miss something you can always back track and without having to redo steps.

Among the many twists and turns to the plot you will be faced with some very clever mini puzzles that must be solved in order to gather a clue or unlock a character. These mini games can be anything from finding a lock combination to piecing together ripped notes and splicing scrambled audio recordings to hear the message just to name a few. I find in many of these type of computer games that the mini games within rarely have anything to do with the storyline. Not so in Law & Order: Justice Is Served as each of the mini games actually do have relevance to the game.

Once you have done your investigation and made your arrest you'll still have to convince the D.A. to prosecute and them team up with the stunning Serena Southerlyn to take the case to trial and hopefully get a conviction. During trial you will require to know a bit about trial procedures so the A.D.A.'s office comes equipped with a computer that will give you plenty of courtroom hints and tips as well as procedure information.

While in trial you will have to be on the ball as the defense lawyer will ask questions quickly both on cross examination and direct examination of their own witnesses in which you will have to react quickly to any objections you may have to the line of questioning. This does in fact become a game within the game itself as you try to outsmart the defense lawyer who will try his best for an innocent verdict.

Law & Order: Justice Is Served is not only like watching the TV show but you are part of it and play the major role its outcome.

Here at the Cariboo Computer Magazine this game was tried by judge alone and I find the game 'Guilty' of being fun, addictive and well laid out. I sentence the game to many hours of community service on each and every Law & Order fan's computer.

Review ID Number: 32
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Legacy Interactive
Review Date: 2004-11-03
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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