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  Norton Antivirus 2002
Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2002 is identical to the NAV 2001 except for the fact that it covers thousands more viruses than before. After doing the latest update (on March 15th) this great antivirus program now covers a total of 59,387 known viruses. This is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

In the past years we have tested a variety of antivirus programs and for the most part, all of them were awkward in handling the updated virus definitions. You needed to know which version of the program you had and then which data file you had to download and then where do you have to put that downloaded file and it went on and on making it a real chore to keep up with the latest security needs. NAV 2002 has total eliminated the hassle of what to do to update the virus definitions. You simply click on the live update after connecting to the internet and just follow the instructions which consist of clicking on the NEXT and NEXT buttons. It is truly automatic and works like a charm.

This program gives you real peace of mind when it comes to preventing any viruses from infecting your computer. As long as you keep up with the live updates, you will never be more secure in the knowledge that you will not get infected.
Again my hat is off to Symantec. Keep up the great work.

Review ID Number: 320
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Review Date: 2002-03-16
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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