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  pcAnywhere 10.5
This is my first real shot at being able to take a good look at pcAnywhere, mainly due to technology or the lack of technology in this area of the world. Since we finally have gotten cable Internet Access in the residential sector now (Yeah, sad eh?)I was able to test this product remotely on two computers both using Windows 2000 Professional.

The setup and installation was really remarkable simple, fast trouble-free. The package does come with great documentation included by manual, but I was able to set up two computers to talk to each other without having to resort to looking at the manual. Us geeks like it that way!

This is a super program! In a just a few short minutes on each machine I was able to transfer files, work on the other machine as if I was sitting in front of it and even send myself e-mails from a computer I am not even sitting at. Okay these may be just the simple tasks that it can do, but as a new user to the program, they were very easy to configure and do without having to resort to documentation. For users already familiar with the product they may or even likley will find many more uses for the program.

One of the first questions I had was security. How secure is it? Can people get to my computer without my permission or without my knowledge. I was happy to learn that this version now has a mandatory password protection that ensures that only authorized users can access a pcAnywhere host. There are actually seven different levels of authentication that can be used. But even at the very basic level, anyone would have to know a username and password. But this brought up a couple more questions regarding security.

Okay I have given someone authority to access my computer - can I tell what they have done, where they have been and when they were there? Well, yes you can. The new enhanced logging features allow you to log not only the issues I had thought of but also connection failures due to an invalid IP address or security ID as well as connection attempts from unauthorized TCP/IP addresses. The host machine also has an icon down in the tray that when mouseover will display any current users logged in and how long they have been there.

Another note that deserves mention regarding the authentication and security of the host is the new Host Assessment Tool. This tool lets you check the configuration of your host connection items to ensure that you are taking advantage of the security features in pcAnywhere and helps you identify areas where you might be at risk.

The new file transfer feature looks and acts very similar to many FTP programs - only easier to use. I am sure we have all forgotten to e-mail ourselves files that we worked on late night at home and really needed them at the office the next morning. Well, okay - maybe just me. But pcAnywhere can become my best friend! No more explaining to the spouse or kids over the phone on how to e-mail me my files that I should have done myself.

pcAnywhere 10.5 is certified by Microsoft as Designed for Windows XP. pcAnywhere is now compatible with all Microsoft 32- bit platforms, so you can connect to any pcAnywhere host computer, regardless of which version of Windows is running.

This program suprised me. It is well worth every dollar. And I'd love to talk more about it, but I have to go log into my home computer, turn on the web cam and see how things are going. Hey, a virtual babysitter! Just another reason to by pcAnywhere!

Looks like I will have a whole line of Symantec products here for me to look at in the next week or so ... be sure to stop on by and have read on those as well.

Review ID Number: 321
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Review Date: 2002-03-15
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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