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  Norton System Works 2002
Symantec has been around ever since I can remember and their products just keep getting better and better. The latest version of Norton's System Works 2002 is definitely no exception.
As a computer user there are certain rules I try to abide by and that is to try to keep my system as clean as is possible. This means only installing what I need, taking off what I don’t and if I can run something off the CD, well that is the ticket for me.
Now I know that System Works 2002 is designed to be installed on your computer and safeguard it but I have found that the main part of the program I need and use is the Windows clean up through the Win doctor. The program goes through the registry and corrects all the little imperfections and missing links. How it does it, I really don't care but as a useful tool I cannot live without it.
A new feature is something called Go Back. This has been added to allow the user to go back to a point before a bad installation to ensure the system is back to normal if a new installation mucks up the system. It is intuitive of Symantec to include this program in the package.
A built-in virus checker is included however not all systems will allow the installation. The file type off this CD for the NAV (Norton Anti Virus) is a file called "nav.msi" Some systems do not recognize this file type as an installation type of file.
A new addition on this CD is a program called "the Process Viewer" which helps you diagnose problems by displaying every program that's currently running.
All in all my hat is off to Symantec for this great and useful program

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Review Date: 2002-03-11
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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