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  MS OfficeXP Professional
Office XP is toted to be the final version that anyone would need to run an office that requires word processing, a spreadsheet and a database. Microsoft might be correct in assuming this as so far I find the new Word in this package to be excellent.
Let me retrace my steps first though before I continue with my explicative adjectives. Upon installation of the software into my main computer the program had asked me to register the program. I did. Everything was just fine. I had installed it on a Windows 98 system that I personally use.
Now, because I have a number of employees that do reviews, I went to install the program on a second computer running Millennium or Windows ME and it also registered by city location. I then proceeded to install the office XP onto a third computer running Windows 98 as well and after installation the program said that it could not be registered anymore as it already has been and you only had another 49 times that the program will run. We tested it and sure enough, after another 49 times that we started the program it quit working.
Now here is the problem, if your computer crashes and you need to reinstall this program, it won't let you. I know that I had not tried to contact Microsoft to find out if there was a procedure to follow for that type of situation but I am sure that it would not be an easy one.
The cost of this program is high enough, and people should think twice about upgrading to it if they know that it cannot be reinstalled more that twice.
I know that the procedure is set up to prevent piracy but when you get right down to it, the pirates will have a crack for it or probably already do have one so who is it preventing from use anyway? Way back when I was using a Commodore 64 computer all kinds of special safety features and anti-piracy schemes were created to prevent software duplication and for everyone they came up with there were a number of ways to bypass the safety measures till the companies gave up and decided to eliminate the cost and lower the prices so that more people bought originals instead of copies. A lesson not yet learned by some companies.
Now back to Word 2002 or XP…….
When you first open word the buttons are a bit softer and more help lines pop up depending on where your cursor lies. The button bar has the same icons as before although there are a couple of new choices to put up. The menu system has a few additions and of course, should you choose to install it, voice recognition is now built into the program. I have yet to try that, and I certainly will at a later date.
Excel to my perusal has not changed. It takes a bit longer to load file from previous version that I noticed but other than that, I am not sure what is new in the spreadsheet program.
The Access is another one that I will have to pass judgment on at a later date because The current databases that I am running is also on our web server and I cannot install this program on that anymore so I will have to forgo passing judgment on it for now.
Is this program worth updating to, I have my doubts. As a new program on a new computer by all means get it instead of a previous version but otherwise, I have not found enough upgrades to make the jump up to it a necessary one

Review ID Number: 329
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Review Date: 2001-07-16
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 7 out of 10
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