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  Bryce 4
"Bryce® 4 offers a revolutionary new way to design, render and animate breathtaking natural 3D worlds and 3D models with unprecedented power and ease. Bryce puts the power of high-end workstations into your hands, whether you are a beginner or a professional 3D artist. Bryce's intuitive interface simplifies learning and makes exploring your creative options as fun as viewing your final masterpiece. In no time you will be animating beautiful, never-seen-before landscapes, or reproducing actual places from free USGS data!"

Minimum Requirements

PC: Pentium processor, or equivalent, Windows 95/NT 4, 32MB of RAM, 75 MB of free hard drive space, CD-ROM drive 24-bit video.

Macintosh: Power PC processor, Mac OS system 7.5.5 32MB of RAM, 75 MB of free hard drive space, CD-ROM drive 24-bit video.


Well, thank goodness for tutorials! (And these guys have put together some good ones). It's been a long time since I have had the opportunity to play around with Bryce in it's earlier versions, so was exactly sure what to expect from this newest version. On first go around I was really completely baffled as in what to do or how to do anything. First off the program takes over your entire screen, which after I got over the initial shock, wasn't such a bad thing. Actually I enjoyed the extra room on the desktop. Without going through the excellent tutorials, I never would have found 80% of the features and procedures that are possible with this application. They have done a great job of hiding a all of the options and customizing tools. But having said that, just like in the desktop issue, it was actually quite intuitive and once I got used to it, it really was quite simply to get around ... actually a lot easier than I expected. The interface, was actually quite well done .... someone that would use the program regularily would have no trouble learning where everything is in no time.


Intuitive Tools: Get started quickly with the unique and user friendly interface, and a CD-ROM full of tutorials. With real-time feedback, you can see your results as you make changes. A second CD full of extra content is great for ideas and images to get you started on your own creations.

Presets: Quickly create a vareity of rocks, trees, mountains and other objects. With the Material presets, you can turn these objects into stones, water, grass, clouds and more. These preset objects are fully customizable and provide a great starting point for almost any shape or object.

Enhanced Sky Controls: Take advantage of the precise controls and interactive feedback of the Sky Lab to create and animate new 3D worlds.

Terrain Export: Export textured terrains in a variety of 2D and 3D formats. The real-time controls of the Export Lab make it easy to adjust the apperance and level of detail. Ever see a mountain of glass? Now you can!

Web utility: Save images in HTML format for easy Web placement. Plus, easily create QuickTime™ VR movies for your Web page.

Conclusion: Bryce 4 is a great program! I remember in school painting landscapes and such ...well, this is a heck of a lot more fun and you can rotate it 360 degrees in any direction! I would really like to write more on this program, but I have to go move a mountain right now. The hardest thing about Bryce 4 is finding away to work with it during work hours ..... unless of course three dimensional graphics is your job.

Review ID Number: 330
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Review Date: 2001-06-14
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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