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  Director 8

"Director is the market-leading multimedia solution for creating engaging, rich media, corporate presentations, eMerchandising applications, and entertainment. Director combines graphics, sound, animation, text and video to create streaming, interactive, multi-user, Web content that is easy to deploy for CD, DVD-ROM and the Web."

- Macromedia

What do you get in the Studio?:

Macromedia Director 8:

Director is the only software designed especially for creating and developing fully interactive, multi-user applications for CD, DVD and the Web. Presentations can also be exported for playback with the Shockwave Player 8 as a stand alone presentation.

Many of the top entertainment sites such as use Director to deliver it's web presentation.

Macromedia Shockwave Player 8:

Shockwave has quickly taken over the Internet as the standard for multimedia websites and interactivity. The player is free and easy to get for everyone on the web. As a matter of fact the Shockwave player now ships with Windows 95, 98, Mac OS, Internet Explorer CD, Netscape and AOL. Last estimate lists the player as having over 108 million installations.

Macromedia Multi-user Server 2:

Multi-user 2 allows websites share data more efficiently with new server commands. Such data as multi player gaming and high score tracking is now possible. Macromeda now includes this multi-user server software with the studio. The server software alone for a 1000 user license previously retailed at $10,000 US.

Fireworks 3:

Fireworks 3 as reviewed can be found elsewhere on this magazine Website. Fireworks allows for easy vector and bitmap editing that is easily imported into Director with it's new total integration.

Sound Editors:

Director 8 Studio comes with Bias Inc. Peak LE for the Macintosh and Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP for Windows.

New Features:

As I mentioned earlier in the review, the fact that Macromedia has now included a full 1,000 user liscenced version of Multi-user Server 2 is enough of a reason to buy or upgrade to it alone. But that isn't the only improvement.

After the previous version 7 of Director (which I also thought was excellent), this version does deserve a next generation number. Many applications that get released with a new version number a whole digit better don't deserve it. This one does.

Check these new features out!:

- Precise control over layout and sprite placement is now easier with new guides, locking and zooming capabilities from 25% to 800%

- Lingo scripting can be launched and edited externally in your favorite text editor for increased productivity.

- The new context sensitive Properties Inspector that we have been accustomed to in other Macromedia products such as Dreamweaver allows developers to quickly access properties for any cast member, sprite, movie or stage property.

- The new Cast Manager allows the management of cast members easier, being able to sort by name, size, date, filename or even comments.

- Complete control over sounds including volume, panning, mixing, seeking and synchronizing.

- New transitions and behaviors allow for high-performance, low bandwidth run time.

- The new Publish Command optimizes content delivery using templates, loader movies and JPG compression for fast playback.

- Shockwave presentations are scalable for browser window percentage viewing sizes.

For some great examples of Shockwave in action, visit these sites:


Cost Value:

Although some programming knowledge is an asset to fully utilize the strengths of Director, it does give even the lowest level experienced user a chance to develop outstanding presentations with relative ease.

At a low cost of $999 US for the complete studio, one successful presentation pays for this application ten times over.

Overall Comments:

Macromedia is changing the way we use the Internet. And it's all for the good!

Review ID Number: 333
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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