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  Video Wave 4

 I have been looking for a program that will convert any AVI file into an MPEG file with as little difficulty as possible. I have tried a number of programs with little success. I have been using an old Corel program called Lumiere which is great for creating videos but only in AVI output format. I have tried Adobe's Premiere but running into problems with that program as well.

Then along comes MGI's VideoWave and all my problems were solved. The output can be in MPG1 or MPG2 format and I fell in love. I have just started to play with this package but I decided to jumpstart my review because of my excitement. I know that this program can do much more than just convert formats and I have started to use some of these special features and I imagine before long I will be creating professional looking videos shortly.

As you can see this table tells all and it is straight from the company.

I enjoyed the real-time playback capability and many other features that this program offers but you should try it for yourself. With a price of $99.95 US, you certainly can't go wrong and if you are into video production and editing ......... well what are you waiting for?

Review ID Number: 334
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MGI Soft
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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