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"we spent over a year developing FlashJester Creator, and we made sure we did our homework. Our research made it clear to us that similar products didn't offer nearly enough features. With Creator, users get custom shaped and designed setting boxe, multi-language capabilities, a sound mute option, password protection, links to e-mail addresses and numerous other features in a single compressed package that is ready for distribution and requires no programming skills."

- Davendra Patel: 3rd Eye Solutions


And did they ever do their homework! Being a great fan of Macromedia's Flash since Flash 2 was released, I have had a few opportunities to try out other programs that convert Flash files to Screensavers. To make a long story short, I finaly found one worth writing about!
I am sure that everyone either has or has had a screensaver on their computer at one time or another. But how about a full featured interactive multi-media screensaver? I didn't think it was possible until I saw and tried Creator.

Creator comes as an all-in-one application for converting your Flash Projctor files into screensavers including installation and read me files. Sorry, you gotta get your own Flash files! Once you have your presentation designed with Flash, your completly customizable screensaver is only less than five minutes away. Simply fill in the blanks and everything is done for you and compressed to fit on one floppy disk for easy distribution. Perhaps your presentation is to large, don't worry - the option to convert onto multiple floppys, cd and even internet are available.

3rd Eye Solutions has thought of everything with this release. Your screensavers are virtually tamperproof as all of your projector files, graphics and sounds are all completely hidden from prying eyes. You may even design your own 32x32 pixel icon for the desktop. All screensavers are forced to go full screen size regardless of the monitor or settings. The smallest Flash file is instantly made into a full screen presentation.

Creator also supports multi swf files to make use of the load movie command in Flash. Creator gives the end user the option during install the option to turn off any sound and interactivity. You also have th option of disarming the 'right-click' menu that accompanies all Flash files. They have even included an automatic un-installer with each screensaver so that a user can easily remove the screensaver form their computer.

The installer is 100% customizable right down to the look and graphics,copyright and liscensing. The user interface is extremely easy to use - no programming required at all. After doing a quick Flash projector file to testthe Creator with, I had my first screensaver made in 10 minutes. I'd say about 3 and a half minutes were spent configuring the settings for my screensaver and, 6 and a half of those minutes were spent trying to find something else that I must be missing because it seemed way to easy. Turns out it was just that easy.

Some other notable features are:

Multi-language support
Clickable links to websites and e-mail addresses in the installer
Automatically optimizes all graphics or 256 color to 256 color
No advertising banners for the program are shown in any of the installation, therefore giving your client or end user the sense that it was done all on your own. Although, the information about Creator can also be left in as a courtesy to 3rd Eye Solutions.
Password Protection
Full screensaver preview directly in creator
Automatically sets your screensaver as the users default screensaver
I really could go on and on about Creator. Not only is it an excellent application, but I see a chance for Flash designers to really make some good income from these screensavers as well as a great marketing tool for business or companies with the finished screensaver product.

Please visit the FlashJester website for more info and a downloadable demo. You'll be glad you did. I am!

Cost Value: You most likely will have bulging eyes when you see the price tag, but the question I have to answer here is - "Is it worth it?"
If you are serious about Macromedia Flash and want to add to your income, or just want to show off your Flash talents to the world, it is worth every penny and more. you can have this program payed off in two clients or less. Not a bad return for your money at all.

Manual: There isn't one - most likely cause one isn't needed it is so straight forward. 3rd Eye Solutions does offer tech support through both e-mail and fax. tech support wasn't needed this time around, so I couldn't tell you what it is like. But if they take as much pride in their supoort as they did in their product, my money says it'll be good as well.

Overall Comments: 3rd Eye solutions has put a lot of time into this project and didn't release it until it was good and ready and it shows. Creator is an applicatin that should be any ever Flash designer's toolbox.

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3rd Eye Solutions
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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