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  Dark Fall II: Lights Out
Words from the company:
A young cartographer, Parker, is sent to the Cornish harbour town of Trewarthan, where he is to map the lethal rocks that have claimed lives through the centuries. A thick fog rolls in from the English Channel as the faithful light of Fetch Rock Lighthouse is plunged into darkness, putting the lives of those at sea in peril. Parker may be their only hope. Armed with his compass, charts and wits he sets off to uncover the mystery. Along the way he discovers that Fetch Rock and its lighthouse have a very sinister history?
Is time running out? Or does it have an agenda of its own...

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 450 MHz or Better Processor
128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended)
24xCD-ROM Drive (or PC DVD Drive)
SVGA Graphics Card or better with 32-Bit Color (32-Bit Color at 800x600)
DirectX9 Compatible Sound Card
Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers

The review:
The first thing that I found about this game was that it completely installed into my system and I had no need of the cd. This fact is great because it is such a nuisance to have to dig out the cd every time you want to get into something and that was appreciated. Unfortunately, I had to get a walkthrough because I was stumped in the first part of the game. I felt that more direction should have been given with regards to what to expect. After I received the walk through, I still had a hard time following but I did manage to finally figure things out after trial and error.

This game reminded me way back in my Macintosh days and using Hypertext productions. Unlike most games where smooth scrolling and cursor keys help you get around, here you have to find the direction arrow with your cursor to see where you are allowed to go. In other words, no movement in the scenery but rather pictures, one after another.

The story line is confusing in the beginning and the sound effects are not very enticing. This old style of adventure game requires a very patient person who get into stories in debth instead of the fast paced action we are all expecting these days. At first I thought that the game was a sort of Myst knock-off but no, not even close to the genre.

The game as I played it through to about two thirds of it, unfortunately it started to bore me and I stopped. I like adventure games myself but I prefer more action, this one is for those who thrived on the old games like Zork (I am dating myself) where the story was everything.

Review ID Number: 34
  Product Details
The Adventure Company
Review Date: 2004-09-18
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 6 out of 10
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