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  Naturally Speaking (Update)
Last month I told you about the problems installing this program with Word 97. I tried getting help from Dragon’s tech support for over two weeks. I managed to talk to one support person with no real results – he failed to call back – later I was told that he had been ill but had failed to pass on his case load.
I fought with the program for two weeks. I reinstalled Windows 95 and Windows 98. Occasionally the program would run within Word 97 but most of the time it would lock up requiring a reboot.

I tried removing programs and when it worked again I reinstalled the deleted program KNOWING that I had finally resolved the problem (I was using Norton Utilities) but the darn thing worked this time. I tried everything including a clean install of Windows 98, Word 97 and Dragon. It worked for a few times then it locked up again. I was completely stumped but I wouldn’t give up. I played around changing the registry, removing and reinstalling programs etc. I had found a fantastic program, which helped me out – Drive Image from Powerquest. I was able to reinstall Windows 98 in 7 minutes from boot up. I don’t know how but I stumbled onto the fact that if I selected 32 true- color or 16 bit – high color video drivers, the program would crash. It seems the default setup of Windows 98 was 256 colors. I would change it to 32 bit automatically without thinking. I was able to duplicate this numerous times – so I could prove it beyond a doubt. Why the video drivers affected this program I don’t know. Possibly one of the drivers is "dirty" stepping on an area of memory that the program uses.

I reverted back to a previous version of the video drivers and switched to 24 bit colors – all works now. At this time I finally received a call from the tech support supervisor at Dragon Systems. He hadn’t heard of such a problem. I later went to their personal news group and saw three other users with a similar problem. Why don’t tech support advisers read these newsgroops?

Anyway, I got to use the program for a month and it is much better than the previous versions. The accuracy is getting better – it is still moody – one day great – one day a pain. I also still think the manual is sadly lacking and the macro abilities (for text insertion) are still very poor and clumsy.

I would recommend this program highly and apologize for blaming Dragon for the technical problem, although better technical support could have pointed me in the right direction.

Review ID Number: 342
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Dragon Systems
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 10 out of 10
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