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  Omnipage Pro 9

 I have been using OmniPage for a number of years now for my OCR for the press releases in this magazine. This means that I have been following the various upgrades that the company has put out from version 2 to the present version 9.0.

I must admit that this program was great to begin with but now it has features that I have been wanting for years. For example, you can now select a section of a spreadsheet and it will scan it as a spreadsheet and provide you with a spreadsheet file. I have not fully tested all the options as I just received the program yesterday but I decided to start telling you about it because of its great value to those who do OCR.

Another great feature that I have found is the bezier like tool to help you select an area for recognition. Before you can only select square or rectangular boxes, now you can draw the shape of the area you wish to recognize. To me that is a terrific option.

The program now also lest you scan color graphics and will save them as such for your word processor. This is another great feature. With the garantee of over 99% accuracy for recognition, I must agree that they are right on the mark. The program gives you some new buttons to work with as well, making this program more versatile to use.

Obviously this program needs to be tryed over a longer period of time and tested more fully but for now I will stick my neck out (without any worries) and promote this program to be excellent!

Review ID Number: 344
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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