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  Office 97
Microsoft Office has been around for more years than I want to talk about here but the advances in this package has been incredible to say the least. Many talk about the powerful company and its hold over the computing population and that is because they try and succeed in providing some higher quality of programming that many others seem to miss.
I don't want to sound like I am kissing up to Microsoft because I have had my share of problems with some of their programs that were released before their time but they are definitly getting better.

This Office package is the perfect tool for a small business and has been packaged just so. The first program in this package is Microsoft Word. This latest version of Word is (as far as I am concerned) superb. In the past I have found that so many extras were included in all kinds of programs that the majority of users never used more than 30% of the programs capabilities. Now I am finding that I am using more than 75% of these capabilities and am very thankful that they are available.

Now, I am not going to ramble on about all that one can do in word because I don't have enough time or space here in this article. Word has been around for a long time and in my books it is THE number one word processor on the market.

The next program in the Office 97 package is of course Excel. This is the latest version of course and although it is now called Excel 97, I have not noticed too many changed or additions to the program. Ifeel that it is again at the top of its class and there is really nothing else needed to make it better. It has far surpased Quatro pro and I won't even talk about Lotus. (I think that they have but totally dissapeared off the market). So again Excel wins hands down as the top Spreadsheet program on the market.

Publisher 98 has gone through some transformation since its early days. The apperance has not changed much but its capabilities sure has. For a small business application it has all the makings of a complete desktop publishing program including clip art, Word Art and editing capabilities. No it is not the best or even second or third best desktop publishing program. That doesn't matter because for the average business you do not need the best or most expensive to get flyers, posters or advertising broshures done. Publisher 98 will do just fine and I have not heard of anyone complaining except for the fact that as with many other programs they are not backwards compatible. The tools in this program are fairely easy to use and the help is always there. The program also comes with a large collection of predesigned templates for anything from newsletters to broshures to many other topics. This is an excellent addition to this Small business package.

Outlook is a new program for me and I have only been using it for about 6 months now and I am constantly discovering new options that the program has to offer. I am really liking the program because of its deversity. It is a sort of database, mail program, daytimers, reminder, mailer, and much much more. It is tied to the internet as well and has some truly wonderful uses.

The Small Business Fnancial Manager is not a program that I use but I did try to convert files from the latest Simply accounting and it did not do the latest version so there will be another upgrade shortly I imagine.

The Expedia Streets is an atlas type of program, geared to the USA mainly and I am not sure why they included it in this package. I guess its to look up addresses for shipping, I don't know.

Finally the most imfamous program of all in this Office package is the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0. Yes it is included as well and will place an icon on your desktop whether you want it or not for installing it to your computer.

That is a quickie of the latest Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition. I think that it is a great package for not just small business users but for everyone. It is all encompasing except for maybe a graphic program. I don't talk about prices in my reviews but this one is priced for the avarage user so it is affordable.

Review ID Number: 345
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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