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  M.Y.O.B. Accounting Plus 7
M.Y.O.B. accounting Plus; Version 7.0 offers many features, including: Payroll; printing financial statements, reports, and cheques; maintaining budgets by detailed account; and job costing.
It all starts with an easy setup on your hard drive, using a single cd. There is a short tutorial (only on cd), a getting started manual, and a users guide.

Once inside, one can browse through, and make entries in a sample set of books; or create your own set of books, using a very easy setup wizard.

While providing accounting features suited to many small businesses, a "To Do List" button remembers items such as invoices to be paid, purchases required to restock inventory, and overdue customer invoices.

You may choose; either to change posted Transactions, or to post reverse entries. You can have 2 years open at one time. All transactions previous to this are unavailable.

You can customize checks, invoices, and reports. There are pop-up windows for vendors and customers.

My opinion:

I have small business experience, but no formal training in accounting. I have been using NewViews accounting software for the past ten years; am recently using Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Money. Many features these programs offer would have been useful in M.Y.O.B. Some of these are:

More context sensitive help, with examples; accounting help for beginners; "zoom", and "print preview" features; more flexibility in report structures; title locks on reports for scrolling; account names rather than numbers; less choices left for me to make regarding debits, credits, assets, and liabilities; more flexibility in bill paying; and Pop-up date windows.

Office Link (to Excel) does not work with Excel 97.

I was unable to enter an advance deposit to a supplier and then reconcile it with an actual invoice. I was unable to locate help with this online or in the manual. A course in accounting or M.Y.O.B. would be very helpful to use M.Y.O.B.

Review ID Number: 346
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Best Ware
Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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