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  MS Office 2000
First of all, this Premium package includes the following:
• Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft Outlook • Microsoft Publisher • Microsoft Access • Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft FrontPage • Microsoft PhotoDraw • Microsoft MapPoint • Microsoft Project • Microsoft Vizact • Microsoft TeamManager • Microsoft Schedule+ •
Microsoft's Office package has been around for quite a number of years overtaking the Lotus package and then the Word Perfect package to the point where it has become the leader of the pack.

People do not take changes easily and so it was a challenge to get the general populous to switch to the Microsoft family of productivity software. The winning combination was the fact that finally they have created a series of products that are 99% free of bugs, will work well under pressure and can accomplish a myriad of tasks within its own family of products.

The main part of this Premium package I will deal with here is the WORD 2000 part as that is the main program people care about. Here below is a series of screen shots from Word 2000's menu so check them out and see for yourself what the options are:

There are only a few things that I had noticed in advancements in this new Word program:

• When selecting a font you can actually see the font.
• When you copy and paste, you now have the option of having multiple copies and pastes at your fingertips.
• The most noticeable new feature is the ability to place your cursor anywhere on the page to start with. Unfortunately, Word Perfect was the first with this capability but never mind, it is now here and available. It's a great feature.

Now I do not want to go into a training session here of how to use this program. Suffice to say that this program is truly the cats meow! I love it and recommend it highly.

Review ID Number: 348
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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