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  Norton Systemworks 2001
This is the new release of the "classic" Norton Utilities that we have all been us to since DOS.
The most important feature is that it now will "work" with Windows Me, which hides direct DOS access.

It still contains Norton Utilities, Norton Antivirus, Norton CleanSweep, Norton Ghost and WinFax. Each has been updated to work with the various operating systems.

It contains a good manual, which can lead you through most problems.

The Cd is self-booting – most newer computers have this feature – so you can repair some problems even if you can’t get into Windows in the safe mode.

Norton has decided not to include Crash Guard – apparently it caused more problems than it helped prevent.

All features can be controlled by the user – thank you – you can have antivirus, CleanSweep etc. running in the background doing their thing or you can run some automatically and others manually. I like to have Antivirus run on startup, check my email and downloads automatically but a full virus scan has to be started manually. I also like to use the features of Disk Dr. and CleanSweep manually.

Norton utilities has features to check the disk – Disk Dr., features to check your windows files, shortcuts etc. – Win Dr. and numerous other utilities to check, copy or edit your registry. In all – it can catch and "fix" problems before they occur thus optimizing your systems performance. It can still "bail" you out of a problem "after the fact" but with the complexity of Windows today I recommend frequent backups that you can revert back to a previous "working" copy. The included Norton Ghost can be used for this. It even will clone partitions. I found it to be like DriveImage Pro but not quite as "smooth".

There are many other features I could elaborate on but the "best" for the average user is – LiveUpdate. You just have to click on this and the program will go to Symantec’s web site and download updates, especially virus definitions and install them automatically without user intervention. I haven’t ever had this feature "screw up" my computer.

As I have said before Norton Utilities is a must have program and it is comforting to see Symantic continually updating its features.

Review ID Number: 349
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 10 out of 10
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