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  Doom 3
Words from the company:
DOOM 3 - id Software™'s terrifying battle with the forces of Hell. A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the UAC's Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake.

As one of only a few survivors, you must struggle with shock, fear, and an all-out assault on your senses as you fight your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil.

The Review:
The requirements of your system, is very high for this game. Luckily my laptop is quite powerful and can handle all the special graphics that the game offers and it is truly great. I like the way when I shoot a rocket and it makes the dangling lamp move back and forth and the shadow moves along with it. A very realistic scenario (Graphics wise). The installation requires 2.2 gig of hard drive space which is not as much as Far Cry but still considerable. You, of course have to have an accelerated 3d video card or forget playing this game on your machine.

Doom has been around for quite a while and it is definitely getting better and better all the time. I must confess though, that without the God mode ability, I would not last in this game for more than an hour. Even in God mode I have a hard time getting around to all the tasks that you need to accomplish to get through the game.

This new Doom is one game that you will be playing for not only hours on end but day or even weeks on end and still not finish. The sound effects are eerie and go well with the theme and although I prefer killing people instead of monsters, I did get a fright a number of time when I was moving around and got surprised by some of the ghouls.

I have been using the Prima Official Game Guide to Doom 3 and without this book, there is no way anyone can get through the whole game without cheating. Awesome isn’t it!. I must admit that I am truly enjoying this game over some of the others I have played and now leave me alone so I can get back to it. Thumbs up big time to id and Activision.

God Mode: CTRL & ALT & ~ ( type: god and press enter)
All weapons: CTRL & ALT & ~ ( type: give all and press enter)

Review ID Number: 35
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Review Date: 2004-08-23
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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