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  Norton 2000 Corporate Edition

 I don't want to re-invent the wheel so I took this short write up from Symantecs site and it truly does describe in detail what this program does. I found it to be comprehensive maybe even overly as most software companies now days throw everything in but the kitchen sink and some even try to do that. So here is their description:
Norton 2000 is a comprehensive Year 2000 solution for desktop PCs and distributed computing environments. It offers three important capabilities for addressing Year 2000 problems on desktop and laptop computers:

Identifies, prioritizes, and reports on two-digit date calculation anomalies in spreadsheet cells and formulas, database fields and forms, and text.
Scans all installed applications on a PC and audits them against a database of known Year 2000 problems. It also indicates where and how to obtain any known patches or fixes.
Test the PC's BIOS and report on its Year 2000 readiness. It can also fix the BIOS in many cases to bring it up to Year 2000 requirements.
Norton 2000 is available in two editions: Norton 2000 Retail Edition and Norton 2000 Corporate Edition.
Norton 2000 Retail Edition, available through the retail channel, is intended for small businesses, home offices, and individual PC users.
Norton 2000 Corporate Edition is ideal for VARs, mid-large organizations, global enterprises, and government agencies. It includes the capabilities of Norton 2000 augmented with features that simplify deployment and management in network environments.

These are just a few of the windows that you get to work with and you do have to pay close attention to what you are doing other wise you could be wasting a lot of time checking all of your email letters to see if they are compliant when there is absolutely no relevance to Y2K.

All in all this program will test your software for Y2K compliance but then you will have to turn to another program for hardware testing.

Review ID Number: 352
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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