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  Corel Gallery Magic
Clip art has been around for ages and ages and it seems that every major graphics company has series of clip art packages available. At the start I used to get 3 to 5 thousands clips in one package then it climbed into the 10 to 50 thousand clips. Well here is Corels latest addition and it holds over 200,000 clips of one kind or another. The description below is from Corel and I found that I could not have described it better.

Is this package good you might ask me! All I can say is that if you don't have this collection you are sorely lacking in a complete set of graphics for any use from magazine to brochure to even internet. I recommend the Corel Gallery Magic 200,000 with my highest regards.
PS, The best news of all is that I personally have seen it for as low as $49.95.

Here is a description of what you get:

Ideal for brochures, newsletters, school projects, invitations, multimedia presentations and other projects, Corel GALLERY™ Magic 200,000 gives you the right image every time! Included are:

105,000+ Clipart Images* – Grouped alphabetically in categories and divided into subdirectories, it’s easy to find the image you’re looking for.

80,000+ Photos – Add polished visuals to your multimedia projects! It’s easy with this vast selection of low-resolution, royalty-free professional photos.

15,000 Web Images – Web ready and easy to use, these images include animated .GIFs and theme sets of related topics.

1,000+ Fonts – Use these fabulous fonts and make your announcements sing, your invitations more inviting and your greeting cards gush.

500+ Sounds – Say it loud and clear, and with style. With more than 500 sounds to choose from, you’ll add an extra dimension to your messages.

100+ Videos – Use full-motion, high-quality video clips to capture your audiences’ attention.

Plus …

Full-color clipart manual - Powerful multimedia file manager - Wizard-style search interface.

Review ID Number: 354
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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