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  Corel Draw 10
Corel Draw is an established institution when it comes to a top of the line vector drawing program. For years the company has added features and increased the capabilities of this program. Sometimes I wonder if all the added features that each new version provides is necessary and then I come across a great feature that I did not realize that the program had and so I become enamored all over.

Version 10 of the Draw programs have quite a number of new features that I had not seen before. The new optimization feature rivals Image ready from Adobe or even Macromedias Fireworks. I have also found this version to be easier to use for some reason, I can't seem to put my finger on why.

The new standard of right mouse on the menu (I'm a Menu Man) will now bring up great options for ease of choice of settings. Although it is not rocket science, these are the small steps to help promote ease of use.

The internet has caused many graphic programs to turn toward the tools to create and manipulate graphics and web pages for internet use and of course Corel is right on target there as well.

Some of the fine tuning and editing of bitmapped files are right in the vector program without having to load up the paint part of Corel. These tools have been around for a while from other companies but with them built into the draw part of the program, it makes this a very valuable asset.

There are also new tools to use, instead of roll-ups , CorelDraw now has managers that seem to lock themselves to the right side of your screen next to the color palettes. In a sense this created a sort of task bar on the right to access the various editing features.

I have found that as a graphic artist, web page designer, magazine publisher and reviewer, this program can now do all that I need to create not only for hard copy but for the web as well. Well done Corel! And it's a Canadian Company too so that is a double bonus!!

Review ID Number: 355
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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