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  Dreamweaver 1.2
Installation: - The install is nice and clean. It's all on one CD for both the PC and the MAC and is also shipped with Version 4 of both Netscape and Internet Explorer. On the CD you also get the popular text based HTML Editor, Homesite, from Allaire.
User Interface:

- My impression of the interface is that it is designed with the professional designer in mind. I really think a first time designer may have a little trouble at first, but with some work and patience,could eventually find there way around easily. On that note, Dreamweaver is a must have for professional designers.
Dynamic HTML is becoming more widely used as more version 4 browsers are being used. When it comes to Dynamic HTML, Dreamweaver is by far the best editor that I have tested. The possibilities are near endless in what Dreamweaver can do with Dynamic HTML and it's wide range of included javascripts. Everything can be done in a WYSIWYG format, but can also be done right in the coding for text based editing.

Unlike most other editors, Dreamweaver makes use of floating toolboxes and property boxes, which I found to be a little awkward at first, but soon was able to customize my workspace in a manner that suits me and was able to get used to it very quickly and actually ended up preferring this format.

Adding Dynamic HTML and Javascripts was very simple,as everything is done with the click of a mouse and even gives different scripting options for different target browsers. Of all the WSYSIWYG editors that I have tested, Dreamweaver does the nicest and cleanest job of coding that actually does validate.

One of the nicest features is the ability to add a timeline to include great animation and sound on your webpages. If you already use Macromedia's Flash, you will be quite familiar with how these timelines work.

In my experiments, I took several pages done in other editors and brought them into Dreamweaver and vice versa. I was very pleased to see that Dreamweaver does not mess with the coding created by other editors. This makes it nice when you have several editors that you use, especially text editors.

After working with Dreamweaver for a couple of weeks, I found that creating dazzling Dynamic pages was actually easier than the plain static ones. I did find some features that I was not as keen on though. I found it difficult to work with complicated tables. It can be done, but I just found it to be more complicated than it needs to be. The feature that I found to be the biggest setback was the way it handles site administration of large sites. I was unable to find a way to move or rename files within the same site without causing broken links, something that most other editors are able to handle easily.

Even with these small problems, I still find Dreamweaver to be among the top editors available. The positive features more than make up the difference and I am sure that, as this is still an early version, that we will see these areas made a little more user friendly.

Cost Value: - At about $300.00 US street value, the program is a steel for professional designers, but may be a little steep for casual designers.
Manual: - The manual does touch on all of the features, but I found it does not go into enough detail. I searched for more info on the above mentioned problems I had, and was disappointed to find that neither the manual or on-line help were of any help to me.

Review ID Number: 358
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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