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  Norton Uninstall Deluxe
This is Symantec’s first attempt at an uninstaller utility. It runs on Windows 95-98 and NT and only takes 10 Megs of hard drive space. It installs from a CD-ROM quickly without any problems. It doesn’t offer any setup options until you run the program. Later you can customize how it works with a detailed menu – see screen shot. You can turn off its automatic cleanup, which is set to run on computer startup. I often wonder how long it would take to start your computer if you enacted all the various programs that want to run on startup.

It comes with a good manual that explains all functions. A pleasant surprise since most programs are now using useless help files. It explains the various functions and options clearly.

I didn’t like that the program always ran Saftyscan every time I attempted to startup the program – scans your hard drives for program, file or registry changes. . It did offer a cancel button but that killed the program. A real nuisance if you close the program then want to reopen it right away or if you just want to go to the main menu to check your options. CleanSweep 3.0 did this also.

InstallGuard has the ability to restore your computer to a pre-install state, if you want to try a program and then decide you don’t like it. A very useful feature.

It has the ability to move a program from one partition to another or even to another computer. It copies or modifies all registry entries along with the program files.

It of course will clean up your hard drive by running AutoClean on startup or when you select it – it options allow you to select which files it cleans up – temp, recycle bin, backup, internet cache etc. It will also clean by removing a program and all its associated files and registry entries. You can specify that all removed files will be backed up for safety.

There are many other features and functions – much like other uninstall programs. I just liked the general layout and good manual. Also I like the LiveUpdate function – allows the program to contact Symantec’s home page and update itself.

Review ID Number: 359
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Review Date: 2001-04-20
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 9 out of 10
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