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  Photoshop 5
When I first heard that there was a version 5 of Photoshop released, I said to myself, "How can they improve on the already perfect photo editing package? What else could they possibly add to Photoshop?."
Photoshop 5 answered those and many more questions! Except for one ..... when will those folks at Adobe be happy with what they have done?! By now anyone and everyone in the graphic industry has had and is likely using Photoshop. In this review we will touch bases on what is new with Photoshop 5 and determine whether not it is worth the upgrade.

There are several new features that really stand out for me with the new version of Photoshop. But the ones that stand out the most are the "History Palette" and the "Editable Text" capabilities.

Not only has version 5 incorporated the multiple "Undo" capabilities, but with it's new History Palette you can jump back to any previous stage of your editing with a single click of a button. The number of alterations that the history Palette records is determined by your systems memory.

In Photoshop 5 the text tool automatically puts text on to a new layer which is always editable. You can return to the text at any time and edit it's properties which are displayed in your image window in real time. Also new to the text editing capabilities is the ability to set text to horizontal or vertical alignment. Text properties can now also be edited letter by letter or word by word within a text block.

Also new to Photoshop 5 is the ability to create text shaped selections directly with the text tool. This comes in handy when making great masked effects.

Many of the most common graphic effects used in Photoshop are now a mouse click away in the new "Layer Effects" feature. Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel and Emboss make up your readily available layer effects. Each of the layer effects are easily customized with it's slider controls.

In previous versions of Photoshop, artists were limited to just 'Linear" Gradient Fills. Three new gradients were added to Photoshop 5. Those being, angular, reflected and diamond.

Perhaps the most innovative new feature of Photoshop 5 is the 3D transform plug-in! Your 2 dimensional objects in your photos can now be edited and transformed as a 3D object. You can take any shaped object such as a box, suitcase, can or bottle to name a few, and rotate and edit as a 3 dimensional object. This feature simply has to be seen to appreciate it.

If you have worked with Photoshop in the past, you will be familiar with the 'Lasso" tool. Well, the "Lasso" just got better! The new addition of the "Magnetic Lasso'" makes those complex selections much easier and quicker than before. Simply choose the amount of color tolerance you desire and quickly outline your object and the selection will snap to the object you are selecting with pixel perfect perfection. The Eyedropper toll also now allows you to choose colors from anywhere on you desktop, not just the current document or color palette.

Along with the "Magnetic Lasso" come the "Magnetic pen" tool which works in much the same way. Another new tool in the selection area is the "select and Crop" tool. This tool allows you to select an area of an image and have it opened in a new image window that can be saved separately.

The "Actions" palette that was introduced in version 4 has been enhanced to include more readily made graphic effects.

Photoshop 5 now almost exclusively uses 'Live previews" in it's filters and other editing options. Changes made to an image using any of the built in plugins and editing tools are viewable in "real Time" in your image window as those changes are being made. this allows for more precise fine tuning of any image editing feature. No more guessing what it will look like.

Cost Value: The better photo editor you are the more value you will get out of Photoshop. It really is no secret to the graphic industry that Photoshop sets the standards and the rest are playing catch up when it comes to photo editing. Your copy of Photoshop will likely pay for itself within your first few client projects.
If photo editing is what you do simply must have Photoshop.

Manual: The manual for Photoshop 5 seemed to be an improvement over previous versions. But as in any full featured program such as Photoshop, there is simply no way that the manual can go into great detail on all of it's features. There are plenty of third party books available in book stores that go into much greater detail of Photoshop's capabilities.
The online help files and tutorials that are shipped with Photoshop are valuable learning and reference tools in their own right.

Overall Comments: What can they possibly add to Photoshop 6? Hmmmm..... seems I have asked myself that before.
Is it worth the upgrade for version 4 users? You bet! Adobe continues to set the standard in photo editing software and each version gets better and better.

Photoshop's tools are very easy to use and for such a versatile and powerful program, you will find yourself editing and correcting photo images with professional quality in no time!

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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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