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  Course Builder For Dreamweaver
What exactly is Coursebuilder? Here is Macromedia's own description ...

CourseBuilder is a powerful extension application to Dreamweaver for creating Web-based learning content and interactive Web pages. CourseBuilder is the new name for the Dreamweaver 3 compatible release of the product formerly called Attain Objects for Dreamweaver.

A visual library of customizable learning interactions simplifies and speeds the development of sophisticated interactivity for the Web. Engage your audience with clickable hot spots, drag-and-drop, and a variety of question styles including multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank. With Dreamweaver 3 and CourseBuilder, you can quickly create compelling,Web-native learning content and deliver it across platforms and browsers.


CourseBuilder Interactions let you define a complete Web-based training or learning application. These pages are easily set up using wizards. The wizard creates editable HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript based on the information that you enter. CourseBuilder also allows for automatic score and mark tracking. There are several different style of user interactive quizzes or tests that can be easily set up:

Multiple choice and true/false questions: Use multiple choice interactions for surveys, drill and practice, and tests and assessments. These can also be set to not allow a user to continue without the right answer.
Drag-and-drop exercises Offer users hands-on learning in which they interact directly with a lesson by manipulating objects on-screen. For example, have users arrange objects in a proper order or construct an object using on screen parts or smaller objects.
Exploratory functions Use the explore interaction to place hot areas on the screen for users to explore specific parts of an object and react accordingly. Button functions Simulate physical controls such as Web page navigation controls, controls on a vehicles dashboard, or simulated machinery controls.
Text entry items Have users enter text entries for simple word recall entries or longer answer responses. Can also be used to gather user information such as passwords.
Timers Indicate passing time to users as they complete a question or scenario. You can time a single interaction or coordinate several timed responses or actions from an interaction on a page. Users scores can also be scored according to the time it takes to correctly answer.
Sliders Use slider interactions to allow users to select a choice or range of choices on a linear scale of values. For example, a great example of this would be a draggable slider to choose a value for an answer.
Action Manager Use an Action Manager Object to collect results from a set of multiple choice questions, summarize these results, and send a score back to a tracking system. You can use Action Manager to take advantage of existing interactions on a page while creating a wide variety of system actions.
Track student progress and scores directly to Lotus Pathware learning management system, or save the information in a database, such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle.

Use Knowledge Track to track: The number of right and wrong target responses a user has made. The number of tries the user took to get the right answer. The amount of time it took the user to respond to an interaction. The amount of time the user spent in an interaction. The amount of time remaining if there was a time limit on an interaction. The score for an interaction. You can almost follow exactly what the user did with the results generated using the Knowledge Tracking feature.

The best feture of all is that no special plugins or downloads are rquired by the end user. All online courses are fully compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Although many of the features of CourseBuilder do require version 4 or better as they use layers in their designs.

After going through the quick tutorial, I was really suprised at quickly and easily, very interactive learning pages can be built. Once again, it is mainly wizard based, but the pages created by the wizards are completely editable in Dreamweaver 3.

Check out some sites that have used CourseBuilder to add interactivity: - -

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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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