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  Y2000 Pro
The company statement:

"The Y2000 Pro Card is essentially an ISA Bus card containing an add-on BIOS. This is similar to a video card or SCSI controller card that comes with its own BIOS except that in this case, the add-on BIOS controls the system RealTime Clock. The advantage of the Y2000 Pro Card is that it is invulnerable to virus, hard drive failures or other problems. You would just plug it in and forget about it."

I had just cleaned up a 486 DX-33 and had to place Windows 95 on it and got everything working just fine (a bit slow, but working). Then I test it for Y2K compliancy and it failed. The BIOS came up with 1900. "The perfect test for this new card I had received for testing" I thought and so I opened up the box and placed the card inside. I rebooted and nothing happened. I then decided to read the instructions which stated to place the card in the slot closest to the BIOS chip and so I did this and rebooted. Lo and behold the card was recognized and stated that the computer was now Y2K compliant.

Now when I check the bios it is still non compliant but the documentation tells me that when a program in the system checks for the date after January 1, 2000 it will give the proper date.

The company guarantees that their hardware works and I believe them from playing with this card

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Blue Sky
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 9 out of 10
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