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  Simply Accounting Version 5.0
With the Income Tax time here, and Year ends for most businesses just behind us, a review on an accounting program seemed in order. Coming from the perspective of a small home-based business operator, I'm sure those of you who are in the same boat can relate, that time is valuable. This program will save time in the long run. I am coming to you with a bookkeeping background, and it will help speed things up. Those of you that do not have a bookkeeping background will need a little longer to absorb some of the lingo typically used but it will not be a huge obstacle to overcome.

Simply Accounting contains all of the necessary tools to run a very basic business all the way up to a business that uses all the modules. General Ledger , Payable, Receivables, Payroll , Budgeting Purchasing Inventory and even project costing. There is the option to use all the modules or just the ones that you require.

First thing that was done was the install. This went relatively quickly. Once the program was installed, unless you go straight to the getting started manual, there are no prompts as to where to go from here. I found all the books and manuals that come with the program are very straight forward and easy to understand. The getting started manual goes through a simple tutorial that brings you through all the different modules and what they do such as setting up accounts and entering historical data and getting the program ready. Simply Accounting also allows you to customize forms and reports with CA-RET (pronounced carrot). CA-RET is a report writing program that comes with Simply Accounting, and unless you are a die-hard fan of difficult ways of doing things then by all means go ahead. I would recommend using the forms and reports already set-up if time is a factor for you. There may be circumstances that warrant a custom form or report and Simply allows you to do this.

For those of you with no bookkeeping or accounting experience, I would recommend that you go through the Accounting Manual. This will give you a good understanding of the way double-entry bookkeeping is done, and translates well to Simply Accounting.

The Workbook that comes with Simply Accounting will bring you right through the creation and set-up of a new company, to data entry in all of the modules. This can take you from 4-8 hours depending on your depth of knowledge in accounting and the program. It is a good idea to go over this as a practice run. There are also other sets of sample data for you to play around with for practice.

The User Guide is the largest of the four manuals. It is an in-depth look at how to protect your data, maintaining records, budgeting, day-today transactions, bank reconciliations, period-end processing and reports and graphs. CA-RET and DDE (dynamic data exchange) are also covered along with a section on Cash-Basis Accounting. DDE allows you to send data to other Windows programs, such as spreadsheets or wordprocessing programs. There is also a Quick Reference booklet that will be useful.

Simply Accounting has included a security feature that will allow you to block uninvited guests from seeing your data.. SA also creates an easy to understand audit trail, and graphs that are easy to setup and print out. Simply Accounting has all the tools you will need, along with the built in help menus, and built-in accounting advice to keep you on track.

Review ID Number: 366
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 8 out of 10
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