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- This program was installed on a computer that already had Photoshop 5.0 installed onto it. Thus, I can not vouch for installations with other graphic programs, but the manual does go into detail on installation of other configurations.

Xenofex automatically searched for the proper folder of Photoshop filters and then gave the option of installing there or to another directory. Photoshop users can simply just keep selecting 'next' through the installation procedure and be all set up in minutes.

User Interface and examples:
- The user interface is very easy. If you can click a mouse button, you can be an amazing artist! Of the 16 different filters, each one comes with a number of preset variations of the filter, thus increasing your number of built in effects to over 150! You may also create your own variations of the effects and safe for future use. The filters are also easily adopted into Photoshop Actions.

All effects are 100% zoomable and previewable in it's easy to use interface, allowing you to see your effects in action before actually applying them to your image.

Each of the effects can be altered as much as you like by simply dragging a slider in the preview window. Your resulting effects of your settings are shown immediately in the preview window for quicker, easy editing.

Cost Value:
- Retail price of Xenofex is 129.00$ us. Not a bad price at all considering the time you will save with it's filters. Registered owners of Eye Candy 3 can also get a 'side grade' copy for 99.00$ us, an even better deal.

Owners of Eye Candy should definitely consider the purchase of Xenofex. It adds to an already excellent list of filters.

We should also mention that for users who do not already own a graphics package, Xenofex ships with JASC Paint Shop Pro v4.14.

Packaging / manual:
- Packaging: A colorful and informative look. Nicely designed graphics as well ..... gee, I wonder how they made those neat effects? Oh yeah..... I love the neat little CD case the CD comes in!

- Manual: Nicely done guys! A nice little coil bound, 52 page book filled with installation instructions, examples of all filters and how to use them, and yes, even a troubleshooting section.

Overall Comments:
- Graphic designers should seriously consider getting a hold of Xenofex. Not only does it save you time on your most common effects, with a little imagination, these filters can be used in combinations that produce great looking effects that you may have only dreamed of.

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Alien Skin
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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