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  Frontpage 98
Installation: - Frontpage 98 is easy to install. Only three choices present themselves to you on installation: Frontpage Installation, Image Composer Installation and Internet Explorer Installation. If you already have Explorer or Netscape, the first two are the only ones that matter. If you already have a favorite graphic editor, such as Photoshop, then the Frontpage Installation is the only one that you need.
If you're installing FP98 on a Windows 95 based system, the installation program gives you the option of installing Microsoft Personal Web Server as Well.

User Features: FrontPage 98 makes it possible for all users to create rich, compelling Web sites. New Web authors familiar with word processors will find the FrontPage interface easy to use. Sophisticated Web professionals seeking full support of the "best of the Web" technologies will find that support in FrontPage 98.

Create Professional Web Sites without Programming
Intuitive, leading-edge features help users create professional Web sites, without programming. New features and improved functionality make it easier than ever for new users to get up and running quickly. Feature refinements in FrontPage 98 help make simple tasks automatic and complex tasks easier..

Improved getting started dialogue.
Navigation Bars.
Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor now with new view tabs.
Enhanced Table Creation and Editing.
WYSIWYG frames.
Automatic Estimated Time of Download.
Intelligent Design Assistance

Intelligent design assistance and innovative imaging tools make it easier than ever to build great looking websites.

Auto Thumbnail
Graphical Bulleted Lists
Resizing of Images
Fonts and Clipart
Text Overlay on Images
Banner Ad Manager
Frontpage Themes
Image Composer 1.5
Improved Image Editing Tools
Shared Borders
Hover Buttons

Support for the latest web technologies

Improved HTML Editing
Browser Plug-in Support
Database Access
Design Time Active X Controls
Support For Java Applets and Active X Controls
Support for Dynamic HTML
Channel Definition Wizard
Cascading Style Sheets

Effective Management of Web content and structure

Individual as well as teams of authors can build and maintain well-organized sites with FP98. And users will never have to worry about broken links again.

Innovative Site Management Tools

Comprehensive management tools let users quickly plan and organize their site. Maintaining a site has never been easier.

New Views Bar
Hyperlink Status View
Manage Orphan Files
Navigation View
Folder View
Hyperlink View
All Files View

Improved Hyperlink Functionality

Never have to worry about broken hyperlinks again.

Automatic Hyperlink Updates
Ability to view and manage native Office 97 files

Ease of Updating Content

Frontpage 98 helps users quickly and easily update their entire site. Creating and maintaining fresh up to date content is effortless with Frontpage 98.

Frontpage Themes
Cross Web Find and Replace
Cross Web Spell Checker
One Button Publishing
Web Publishing Wizard

This is a brief overview of the basics you get in this great package. To do a complete analysis of each feature separately would require more room than allowed for purposes of this review. I have been a user of Frontpage since it's very first version and have yet to come across a comparable product. If you would like to know more about this product, e-mail your questions to and I will be glad to elaborate in more detail for you.

Cost Value: - You can't buy another complete web package for a better price.

Packaging / manual: - Packaging: Not much can be said about the packaging. Nice, straightforward and informative.
- Manual: This is the program's biggest downfall. The manual, although it touches on all the features, does not go into any detail at all. However, we are saved, as there are plenty of great books on bookstore shelves dedicated to Frontpage 98.

Overall Comments: - As stated earlier, I have been using Frontpage since it's very first version and have seen it grow to be the industries leading editor (according to Web Developer Magazine and others). As a reviewer and designer, I have had the opportunity to test many of the top editors and this one is still my editor of choice and recommendation.

Review ID Number: 369
  Product Details
Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 10 out of 10
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