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We were recently asked about E-mail setups on NT servers and we had only had experience in Microsoft's own E-mail Server. Although, the Microsoft E-mail server is fine, we didn't care for it's difficulty in set up and administration, so the call went out for a different solution.

We came across Ipswitch Software Imail Server for NT. I must say that we were pleasantly surprised by it's ease of installation and administration. Almost to the point of 'Is that all there is to it? What are we forgetting?' Well, that is all there was to it and we had our first test e-mail host set up within the first hour.

E-mail processed by Imail Server can be read and sent with any POP3 or IMAP4 web mail client, such as Eudora, Outlook and other popular E-mail readers. The Imail server can handle over 15,000 accounts and over 200,000 e-mail messages a day before starting to bog down. Imail server also supports full integration with the Windows NT User Database.

The fact that users can be set up to administer their own accounts remotely was a bonus that I had not expected. Complete administration of the Imail hosts and accounts can be done remotely from any Internet web browser. The amount of authorization that you have to administer your account depends on the level of administration you have been given.

Setting up automatic mailing lists is also very simple and can be done remotely from any web browser assuming that your e-mail account has the correct permissions and level of authority assigned to it. Some of the features that can currently be set for each account and administered remotely:

Mail forwarding, Vacation Support, Finger Plan Support and Mail Delivery Rules can be set by anyone with an E-mail account.

Users with List Server Administrator status can set up (remotely) Mail lists. Mail lists are electronic discussion groups via e-mail. The list server can automatically receive and resend the message to all of the users on the mailing list. List subscribers can either 'subscribe' automatically by calling up the list through e-mail and including the words 'subscribe' in the body of the e-mail and the user will be added to the list automatically. Unsubscribing is done the same way . It can also be set to send out one e-mail message a day or whatever period of length you choose in a digest mode. This is generally a good way to go if it is a very active e-mail discussion group.

Imail server also does have some Anti-spamming features that allow to to block out e-mail from any given IP address.

Other add-on capabilities of Imail Server are:

Mail to Pager/Beeper capability where you can have your e-mail forwarded to a pager or beeper

Mail to Fax capability allows users to have there e-mail sent to given fax numbers to be printed out in cases where Internet access may not be available.

My wish list for future versions would be to contain a way to set up a free e-mail set up such as the popular hotmail accounts and to have the opportunity to place advertising on e-mail messages as well.

All in all, Imail Server for NT is a fantastic package and should not be overlooked when deciding upon a mail server for you NT server.

Review ID Number: 370
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 9 out of 10
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