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  Word 97
Welcome to Word 97. I have been using this program for quite a while and I must admit that it has taken over from other word processors that I have used in the past. I used to be partial to Claris Works but I can now do much more with word and the emphasis is on "much".

The button bar has become a standard in most if not all Microsoft software as you can see up above here and they are easy to recognize and use. Although not shown here when you place a cursor over one of the buttons after a couple of seconds, a yellow tag will appear telling you what the button does or is for.

There are quite a few button bars that you can have showing and even then you can go into the customize option and take buttons off or put others on that you might use often.

You can even create your own bar with all the buttons that you use and have no other bars up.

When you close down the program, it records how your screen was set up and it will come back up next time you run Word 97 the same way as when you closed it.

If you create some macros, you can then create a button for them and custom draw the picture that you want on these buttons which I feel is a neat feature.

Another great feature of Word 97 is the insertion of files, clip art, word art or what ever.

The program comes with a bunch of clip art but the neat features are the built-in ones.

These shapes can be edited and turned into 3D objects as I have showing here above.

All of these shapes are useful for people at one time or another and you don't have to go out to another program to draw what you need. This is then very useful.

If you have to create flow charts, all of the icons are in there as well as direction arrows and bubble boxes and much, much more. These bits and pieces of art come up through the button menu so You don't have to go searching for them; they're in the drawing button bar.

Of course you have the Word art which lets you create superb titles in a variety of pre-designed styles and even those you can edit or modify.

All in all, I feel that this program is worth every penny that it costs and it does cost quite a few pennies.I don't have the space here to cover every aspect of this program but I recommend it highly.

Review ID Number: 371
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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