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This is a new utility that came in for review one day last week. I really don’t like "new" "magic" utilities as they usually just screw up my hard drive. Oh well, I had a hard drive that was failing and I had nothing to loose.
First – let me tell you that this program is suppose to replace a file that you deleted – by passing the recycle bin – or restore a entire hard drive to the way it was a few minutes, hours or even days ago (may go back up to one week). Sounds too good to be true – it does work.

It is not a "true" backup utility but an emergency recovery utility. You should still use a separate backup utility.

It comes on a CD, runs with Windows 95 or 98 and has a very good manual. It explains everything I could think of and even asks and answers questions you might have.

Installation is simple – insert the CD-ROM and it is automatic. It will reboot your computer as it sets itself up. I would suggest that you select the typical install at first. After reboot an icon will show up on your taskbar and the program will show up in your startup menu.

I tested my reboot and shut down times. Shut down is the same but reboot is a little longer. On reboot a DOS like screen shows up giving you a few seconds to hit your space bar to start GoBack. It you ignore it, Windows will continue to load. Your drive light will stay on a little longer as your desktop comes up. The program created a 1,213,000 K file on my 12.7 gig hard drive (approximately 10%).

I deleted three folders – bypassing the recycle bin and went into one folder and removed a specific file. I then went to the GoBack menu and selected "revert an entire hard disk to the way it was in the past". I then selected to go back 7 minutes. The program restarted my computer – rebooted and told me that it had reverted my hard drive (three partitions on one drive) in a mater of a few minutes. I checked and the files and folders that I deleted were replaced and functional.

I felt brave and started removing files and folders from "all over" my C: drive. I even tried removing "Programs files" and "windows". They weren’t completely removed since some files were in use. Usually makes a real mess out of your hard drive. I then tried selecting the menu from GoBack – it was damaged and non-functional. Help!! I then shut down and rebooted. The GoBack boot menu showed up – I activated it by hitting the space bar. I selected "revert drive" and it suggested I revert to 7 minutes ago. I selected yes – not knowing what else to do since I hadn’t read the manual yet. The computer rebooted and all files and folders were there and functional. Unbelievable, a program like the PowerQuest products – it worked as promised.

I then read the manual and found the only real draw back to this program is that it won’t allow you to shut down to DOS mode. They did figure a way around this – if you need to get to ms-dos mode you can shut down and reboot – when the GoBack menu starts select "boot from floppy" – insert your floppy and away you go. Another way is to disable or remove GoBack but you loose your past information and won’t be able to use a previous GoBack tracking. Most of us won’t miss that feature. I tried booting from a Windows 98-startup floppy and it couldn’t find my hard drive. I believe that GoBack installs in the fat of the hard drive and because of this the drive is not visible to other utilities or operating systems. If you use it’s menu and select booting from a floppy you can get around this. If you want to remove the program – go to control panel’s add-remove programs – there you can select GoBack – remove – it removes itself cleanly and quickly.

I think this is the perfect program because I can install another program and I don’t like it I can restore my hard drive to a pre-installation configuration including and registry or suttle Windows changes.

Review ID Number: 374
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 10 out of 10
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