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  Win Fax Pro 9
It runs in Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT version 4. It requires 32 Megs of ram and 57 Megs of hard drive space for a full install.
This is Symantec’s newest version of their Fax program – it is definitely the best and worth the upgrade.

The install was unreal – it was smooth and without errors. It installed over my previous version 8 keeping all my previous settings and custom cover pages. It also found, setup and checked out my modem unlike version 7, which wouldn’t find my modem, nor would it tell me why it wouldn’t send my faxes.

It seems much quicker and easier to use. It comes with a good manual and a huge help file. It also duplicates the manual in pdf files (Adobe Acrobat) on the CD. Someone who knew how to explain operations in user language and not programmers lingo wrote them.

The program is easy to use from the print menu, send to menu or from it’s own menu. The only negative was that it takes 52 Megs of hard drive space for a "light" install. Another reason for getting the new "large" hard drives.

Some of the new features are:- A good setup wizard.

Backup and restore features

Support for Microsoft Access

Network fax sharing for workgroups

More reliable cellular connections

A calling card wizard

There are numerous other functions including a cover page editor, a LiveUpdate feature – allows for automatic updates when you contact Symantec’s web page.

It may seem that I am not ecstatic about this program. I am, but it is very hard to review since it is the same product as version 7 but with a multitude of improvements. I could say this is what version 7 should have been but there have been numerous technological improvements in hardware and software to catch up with.

This morning I downloaded a 3852 Meg update file = version 9.2.

In summary – I am impressed with this newer version and I do recommend the program if you use your computer for faxing.

Review ID Number: 376
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: John Mitchell
Rating: 7 out of 10
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