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  Corel Draw 9
This wonderful Canadian company has come out with another version of its famous Draw program. I feel, however, that it needs no more upgrading as it contains all that anyone can ask for, to do every type of graphics imaging for both hard copy as well as web based copy. In fact I feel that Corel should really leave this great program alone as it has become huge in file space allocation. As you can see above, it requires a minimum of 100 Mb of hard drive space to begin with. This is not a child's graphics program. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the size because lets face it the program does do more that most will ever use.
The main menus are the same as before as you can see here and I think that its a good thing. It makes the program more user friendly as you are not bombarded by all new stuff all at once. You do start to notice little subtle changes but all seem for the better use of the program.

The first major change that I noticed was the absence of Roll-ups. The editing of object by the various tools are done through side dockets on the right of the screen. You can close up or open these as you need them.

You can stack up the few that you might be using at the same time and click on the small double arrow in the top left hand corner to close it flat to the left and to select the one you wish, you just click on the tab on the right. This option has to be opened first for it to be available there in the first place.

Another big addition are the web oriented extras that Corel has now incorporated including the direct web support for a number of options. This of course only works if you have an internet connection. Of course I do not know anybody that is using Corel 9 and not be connected to the net.

I have noticed also that scanning directly into draw instead of into paint is new (to me at least because I don't remember having that option before).

I use Corel Draw at least twice a week for vector drawing and editing and I must admit i would not use anything else and i do have a choice. Corel over the years has converted me into one of its faithful followers and I truly love the program.

As a reviewer, some might think that I have an obligation to describe what the program can do but then I would literally have to write a book and I do not have the time or the space here so I will tell you what this program cannot do!

This program will not make you toast and eggs in the morning and it will not get you a date for Saturday night but anything else NO PROBLEM!!!

Review ID Number: 383
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Review Date: 2001-04-19
Reviewer: Nick Sardy
Rating: 10 out of 10
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