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  Saitek PC Gaming Keyboard
Words from the company:
· Sleek contemporary design
·Programmable command pad
·Adjustable LED backlighting
·Compatible with any pc environment
·Smart technology software
·Programmable command pad adds extended functionality in all game genres

Command Pad Features
·Programmable pad for left- or right-handers adds extended functionality to keyboard game play in all game types
·9 Easy-access buttons
·Shift buttons provide up to 27 programmable commands
·Backlighting enhances keyboard for play in low light environments

The Review:
This keyboard is probably one of the best ones I have used in a while. It has a nice feel to it as well as a stylish look. It also comes with a keypad that can be set up for macros, which if done right, at the stroke of one key you can tell it to press ctrl-alt-delete for you.
Although it does have some features that are really good, there are also some parts of this that could be a bit better. The main one for me was the backlight. It looks awesome for those of us that get into late night gaming or LAN parties, but once it gets dark the letters on the keys get lost in the Blue light. They have put in a brightness control button that goes from high-low-off, so you do have some control. Another thing that I did not like about this was the wrist-rest. They did a nice job of making it adjustable in length but it is pretty flimsy, they could have made it a little stronger.
I would not recommend this to the average computer user because of the lights and the price, but for the person that is into lighting and modding of their computer system, this is definitely an asset you will want.

Review ID Number: 384
  Product Details
Review Date: 2005-06-25
Reviewer: Alex Moulton
Rating: 8 out of 10
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